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Thread: Radio, TV Interview Report - RTIR

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    Question Radio, TV Interview Report - RTIR

    I happened upon a group of connected websites that I think are the same guy:

    rtir.com (click on the "want to be a guest box")

    I was searching for radio station interview info in the US. The RTIR is some kind if small magazine that purportedly goes out to 4000+ radio producers. It is not cheap, starting at $877 for a single issue (The same is available on some kind of recurring deal @ $447 - I dont like monthly billing deals.)

    When you fill in the RTIR form on the site you get e-mailed a link to this page: http://www.freepublicity.com/pdf/rateinfo_nlc.pdf

    What caught my attention with that was two of the authors endorsing the product: Robert Kiyosaki who wrote "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" which I have read, and Dan Poynter, whose guide to self publishing I have also read. (And is oft recommended by our very own Research Guy.)

    Whilst Googling them in an attempt to do some due diligence, I found mostly their own sites and a heap of suspicious blogs all extolling the virtues in a way that cannot be pinned down to anyone.

    However, the list of authors promoting the scheme seems impressive, if true.

    I wondered if anyone had any up-to-date info on this guys offerings, and more especially, the RTIR deal?
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