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Thread: Paper Bag Press

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    Paper Bag Press

    Here's a shiny new erotica e-house site. All three pages of it. Four if you count the login page.

    Paper Bag Press

    They are offering a 5% bonus for the first 25 stories they accept before September 30, but make no mention of how much they pay. That is of concern to most writers!

    I would suspect some erotica fan just wants some new stuff to read and doesn't care to surf the Net for it, but they look sort of real.

    Without any mention out front about payment--and that's a pretty huge thing to omit--I would not be galloping toward sending in a submission just yet.

    This could be a case of good intentions, but incompetent simply from all the info a writer needs that is not posted.

    F' cryin' out loud, the "About" page has a message of how they're saving the environment because they're paperless, but not one word to indicate who's running the gasworks and what makes them qualified to do so.

    PBP--how much do you pay the writers?

    Who is doing the editing?

    Have you any professional experience working for a publishing house?

    What is your royalty rate?

    When do you pay out?

    How do you keep track of sales?

    How do you plan to log sales and arrange downloads?

    Have you any professional experience in publishing?

    Why open a store if you don't have stock to sell?

    Why is there no publisher's name out front so we know who's responsible?

    Are you hoping to hit it big like Ellora's Cave? (It began as a kitchen table home-based business.) Nothing wrong with that, but you appear to have not completed the research for the nuts and bolts running of an e-house.

    Why should I sub a story to a publisher that doesn't have the most basic information up?

    At least Ellora's Cave started out with some books up for sale from day one.

    Take a page from that e-house, PBP. You are happily enthusiastic, but that's not enough to run a successful publishing business.

    Looks like you used the spell-checker. I'll give you that much, but come ON!
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