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Thread: Semi-sale accomplishment

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    Semi-sale accomplishment

    A while ago I responded to an open call on another forum (Forward Motion) to write a chapter in a book - FANTASY WRITER: THE BUSINESS SIDE OF THINGS - for Dragon Moon Press. They told us that if we hadn't heard by a certain date we wouldn't get in.

    The date came and went - no news.

    But today, there was a welcome email in my inbox. I will be writing a chapter on submissions - from the editor's point of view.

    Dragon Moon Press is a small, but legitimate company (I already had the first Writing Fantasy volume in my possession before I applied to write for this, the third one, which I take as a good sign). There is no advance, but there will be royalties, though they're to be shared between the authors. Effectively, I'm doing this pretty much for free. However, in this case I feel it's worth it - because I want to pass what I learned as an editorial assistant on, because I enjoyed a previous volume in the series and would like to be part of it, and because I can use it as a writing credit.

    I feel a bit strange calling it a 'sale', seeing as I'm getting no money upfront, but as there's still the potential to earn some, no matter how little, I think it's ok to consider this as a semi-sale. Either way, I'm happy about it.
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