As a side note, we hired a house helper person a couple of weeks ago. We used her before a couple of years or so ago and just got back in touch with her. She's an interesting person (read: strange), but she works hard and gets the job done, so I don't care.

Two major bonuses.

One - it means that she does the cooking, including chopping up the chicken which is so problematic for me, so my shoulders/arms/rest of me have had a chance to recover a bit more, so I'm in less pain there.

Two - she brings edible vegetation sometimes. Yesterday, she brought some leaves from a Costus speciosus variant. That's basically a type of ginger plant. The variety she brought is not ornamental, but edible, and she brought a few stalks as well, so those are now planted.

These ginger leaves - called thebu here - have a faint gingery taste and were actually quite tasty. She made it into a sambol - mixed with freshly shredded coconut, lime juice, salt, and onion. Very nice.

Never thought I'd eat ginger leaves.