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    Arrow SF & F Forum TABLE OF CONTENTS

    The Science Fiction & Fantasy Genre Forum
    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents:

    1. General Links and Informational Threads

    --Basic information and forum-specific threads. Many of our old Stickies are here, including information on agents and the forum chat.

    2. Noteworthy Discussions

    --Topics that appear quite frequently, have garnered good discussion, and that are relevant to the writing of both Science Fiction and Fantasy.

    3. Science Fiction v. Fantasy

    --The age-old arguments: Which do you prefer and why? How do you tell the difference? Is one better than the other? Etc…

    4. Magic, Magick, and More Magical Type Things

    --The things that put the "fantasy" in your Fantasy.

    5. World Building, Maps, Etc…

    --Creation of unique worlds always takes work, and sometimes help from others. Discussions on map-making, naming, history, and other facets of world-building.

    6. Science in Our Fiction

    --SF-specific threads. Robots, technology, space ships, modern marvels, and other things sure to be of use in the writing of Science Fiction. See also our sub-forum Science Fact.

    7. Clichés and Other Frequently Discussed Concepts

    --Some topics pop up more frequently than others, so please check here before we see more debates on prologues/epilogues, epic fantasies, farm boy prophecies, and other SF/F tropes.

    8. Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, and Other Cool Sub-Genre Stuff

    --Discussions and definitions specific to SF/F sub-genres, including (but not limited to) steam punk, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, space opera, and superhero fiction.

    9. Monthly Book Studies

    --Monthly discussions of books chosen by forum members, as a means to improve our own writing.
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