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Thread: Really Strange Experience.

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    Really Strange Experience.

    Okay, something extremely weird just happened. In the process of writing, and for no real reason, I got this urge to start crying.

    I have been working on this short story for some weeks now. My process so far has been kind of excruciating. I've started with one idea, written, then deleted half of the story and started with something new. It was going nowhere. I felt sad.

    Anyway, tonight I did the same thing--highlighted about half of my story and then, somewhat begrudgingly, pressed the 'backspace' button. It hurts. But I wrote a little bit and it felt okay. Then my character started 'coming to life.' And my story started to make a little sense. And everything sort of seemed to come together.

    I don't know if it was because of the story but it was so weird. I honestly just got this overpowering urge to start crying, because i was really happy. And, listen, I'm not one to cry often. And I didn't but, I was fighting back tears. But I felt okay. It was really nice.

    Thought I'd share. Ever weird things like this happen?


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