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Thread: Contests & Anthologies Index - Updated 3/1/2009

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    Post Contests & Anthologies Index - Updated 3/1/2009

    Winning a contests and getting published in an anthology can be a great way to break into a field or make a name for yourself.

    I've wanted a place to keep track of and share information about upcoming contests and anthologies. I'm going to use this thread as an experiment. It will be sticky and locked, updated whenever a new market is found/reported.

    ChimeraCreative (my better half) and I do a fair job of keeping track of markets and upcoming deadlines in speculative fiction. We don't follow much outside of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, so unless you want to see an extremely biased list send us links to contests and anthologies in your favorite genres!

    The rules:
    • Always refer to the market guidelines themselves, in case they be more complete or have changed after I've posted them here.
    • Send me a PM if you spot any errors or if you find a new market for the list.
    • New markets will be announced as new posts, so subscribe to this thread to receive notifications!
    • I personally avoid contests with an entry fee, as it goes against Yog's Law (Money should flow toward the author). There are legitimate contests with entry/reading fees, usually with the proceeds going to charity, so I will list those, but submit at your own discretion.
    Index by Deadline:
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