I took off on a random tour of the Infinite Fractal Loop, a webring for fractal art sites, and hit a big speedbump. A large and lovely collection of fractal galleries, Anne's Fractal Menagerie, had been hacked. The index page is a slobbering mess of half-arse code-ends and spam, with no links left to the rest of the site. It must have happened quite recently; I got in by viewing the page code to find links hidden by the spam mess, and there is an August "Fractal of the Month".

Watch your sites, peeps, and use good passwords. Not that that will help if your host is insecure from the bottom up, but...

Anyway, I'm highly ticked off right now and there is no place to plant my fist.

See the hidden galleries starting at: http://fractal.sphosting.com/gallery7.html