Normally, I'm a private person when it comes to these kinds of things, but I cannot think of any other way. I seriously need your help.

My mom went into hospice this am and doesn't have too much time left. She may pass away tonight. I don't know. My chances of seeing her again, are quite slim. I'm ok w/ that, I've spoken w/ her several times. And, we had a good time together in June on Kauai.

My situation is this: She's in CA and I'm in CT. I'll be taking her pup home w/ me and it's against regs to fly pups during summer months due to the heat. So, I have to drive out w/ Kola, starting tomorrow. Sounds like fun, right? Normally, yes, only I almost died last week from an allergic reaction to an antibiotic/severe dehydration and a stupid er doc who didn't admit me against my doc's orders. He more or less released me in the same condition I arrived in. Believe me, that will be remedied upon my return. He's being brought up on charges before the board of directors of said hospital, w/ my doc's backing, and then some.

AAA mapped out the southern route for me, Ohio, Virginia, Tenn., Oklahoma City, Alberque, Gallup, Barstow, SD. I need help w/ driving and places to stay along the way. I've got money for gas, not a problem. Kola's got food Oh, yeah, I'm covered for food, too. It's just 'cause I'm still weak from Dr. Cockypants messing me up, that I need help w/ driving.

Far as getting back, I think I've got it worked it. A friend of mine can help part way. And that's 3 weeks off, too. I should be way better by then.

I hope you can help out.

Thanks so much.

P.S. I did have some fairly cool hallucinations, btw

Now going back to sleep...