Here's an excerpt of the Q&A I just posted on my blog at Seth Greenland is really doing a great job of promoting his novel. He's racked up lots of rave reviews and has already sold the options to Hollywood.

From the BUSINESS OF BOOKS, with novelist Seth Greenland:

What were the top 5 things you did to market your book after publication?
The top five things I did to market my book after publication were worry, fret, obsess, complain and plot revenge. More seriously, I did readings, made contacts with people who could talk about the book, joined Facebook, where my wife helped out by establishing a Shining City Club, and worked very hard to try and not feel like I had morphed into P.T. Barnum.

What was the best thing you did before publication to prepare?
The best thing I did to prepare for the promotion of the book prior to publication was do an author video, then write a piece for the Los Angeles Times about author videos. Both appeared about a month prior to the publication of SHINING CITY. A lot of people have seen the video, and it has done more than anything else to get the word out.

Did you work alone on your book promotion strategy, or in conjunction with a publicist?
I worked in concert with my publicists at Goldberg-McDuffie, who were indefatigable in their efforts. But before we began, I made plans to create a video, write blogs and newspaper articles, and basically make sure I was doing everything within my power to alert the world that I had a book coming out. I viewed my job at this stage as making my publicistsí jobs easier.