I got in a contract to sign for my next book and was surprised to find an extra page on top in want of my signature.

It was for an insurance policy.

"Your coverage will apply only to any Work published by us (snip).

The broad areas of coverage are libel, invasion of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and certain forms of unfair competition (snip).

The Policy currently carries a deductible of $250,000.00 per occurrence, which we may share with you as provided in (snip) the (contract).

So I called my agent and asked and it is true: This is a direct result of the activities of Cassie Edwards, Kaavya Viswanathan, James Frey, Gary Brock (AuthorHouse libel suit) and others.

Note that quarter of a million buck deductible one may share with the publisher (like I make even a fraction of that) should one be caught out behaving badly. Ouch. I can't afford the deductible for my car insurance, let alone THIS.

The policy allows for FIVE MILLION in coverage PER OCCURRENCE. Edwards had dozens of those in many of her books. Yow.

So I went over my mental check list to make sure I'd not done anything like that on my MS, and thankfully, it's all made up from my own punkin haid, not no one else's.

Dang, if those blackfooted ferrets ever decided to bring a suit....


Let's be careful out there.