I am looking for at least two deaf and blind people to interview for a newspaper article. This newspaper is for the deaf community and the deaf and blind readership, as well.

My article concerns the feature used on web sites and Web-based E-mail services that request you type in the letters/numbers in a box that has them appearing all warped. They offer an option to visually-impaired people to listen to what letters/numbers are in the box. However, for someone who is deaf AND blind, this option wouldn't go over too well. I contacted one Web-based E-mail service (since my vision isn't all that great to start with!) and they were indifferent about the problem.

What I want to know is: How have you, the deaf and blind person, resolved this problem? Have you complained? If so, what kind of feedback did you receive? What do you think would be a better solution that can be used by E-mail services and Web sites, since they are doing this to guard against spam?

Contact Dawn directly at DMCWriter@mail2desert.com by May 5th with your contact info if you'd like to be interviewed. Thanks!

--Dawn Colclasure