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Thread: About This Forum

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    About This Forum

    This forum is in the 'Get With the Genre' area and its primary purpose is to discuss prose that is, by content or market, atheist or non-theistic.

    I expect there will also be discussion of the writing life as it is experienced by atheist and non-theist readers, writers and other industry professionals.

    I expect related issues might be discussed, for example discussion help clarify an issue the poster intends to write into an article.

    Broader discussions will naturally arise and will not be considered off topic so long as:
    --they do not directly, or by implication, require atheists or non-theists to defend the rationality or virtue of their beliefs, and
    --they do not bash, rant about, or morally disparage any mainstream philosophical or religious position.

    These are by no means forbidden topics but I would request that you post them in other areas such as religion: other or take it outside.

    The intent of these guidelines to to focus the sub-forum on issues related to writing and would appreciate if posters would try to explain the way in which their post relates in some way to writing, if possible.

    If a topic is not writing related but still clearly belongs in this subforum please keep in mind that this is the atheist 'clubhouse'. So topics should be phrased in a secular way or posited politely with an understanding of secular norms and full acceptance of the validity of atheist world views.

    Please feel free to discuss these guidelines which should reflect what the users of this sub-forum would like to see rather than impose some kind of arbitrary standard.
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