Lunch break gone bad? Not get what you ordered? Taste bad? Overpriced? Just not what you wanted/needed/craved? Find a bug in it? Not thrilled with your first visit, didn't meet your expectations???

When we're at work, we look forward to that hour when we get to run to the free world, endulge in what ever it is we're craving, take time to enjoy it and then go back to the hell we ran from.

The lunch hour can be a crucial part of our day, and when it goes bad, it will more than likely effect the rest of our day. Wether it be that we continue to crave something, but we just don't know what, or that we are physically sickened by our choice, or we hated it so much, that we didn't eat enough and suffer throught the rest of the day by that horrible emptyness only to push ourselves to the vending machines where we then continue shoving crap into our mouth hoping to relieve the longing for what we didn't get earlier.

It happens to all of us, so, tell us...what happened to your lunch? If not today, in the past....? Lets hear it.