I'm curious to know how you handle refusing business when the price you're being offered is too low.

I was just asked to do a fairly decent amount of editing within one day - about 50 pages needed by 5 p.m. or sooner - for just $10 per hour. This would mean pushing aside all other projects on my plate in favor of this one, and being compensated less than 1/3 what I usually make for a similar job.

I try to be polite when refusing work (not that it happens that often), but the person who asked me to do it got really nasty when I quoted them what I thought was a fairly modest price for a freelancer in my area. He said my rate was highway robbery and that I ought to be ashamed to ask for $35 per hour, which would have included pretty dense copyediting, technical edits and fact-checking. I responded with a very carefully worded e-mail explaining that he was expecting me to put aside all my projects and clients for the day in favor of his work, and that he had contacted me because of my expertise in a particular subject matter.

He has yet to respond, but I'm curious: how do other writers respond to people like this, and is $35 really an indecent per-hour rate to ask for a rush job? It's my understanding that $35 is actually a pretty standard freelance rate where I work, but this guy just isn't buying it.