I just got spam from Turner Maxwell Books (turnermaxwellbooks.com), a UK "co-op" publishing outfit. This sums up what you need to know about them:

We always have openings for writers who produce great literature and can sell their own books, through our website.

If that's what you want to do and have the ability to do, you have no need for Turner Maxwell or any other self-publishing/vanity publishing/subsidy publishing/"co-operative" publishing company. If you're producing "great literature," you can likely sell it to a real publisher. If you want to self-publish, you can do that, too-- and if you're successful, you'll make far better money doing it on your own than going through a company like this that can do little more than hold you back in the marketplace (you won't get bookstore distribution when the bookstore chain buyers know you're dealing with a vanity press, or any sort of press that has low standards of acceptance).

This sort of publisher will NOT get your book meaningfully stocked in bookstores or libraries. (Maybe a couple of local stores here and there, but you want better than that, right?)

Hold out for something better. Don't let your work go to waste because you're tired of rejections.