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Thread: Test thread

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    It's hard being green ChunkyC's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
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    Test thread

    Hi all you AW Idol maniacs! With Jenna's kind permission, I have set up this special forum for the finalists to post their entries. We are using it to try out some interesting vBulletin features.

    If I have set everything up properly ... stop laughing, you guys ... anyway, if I did everything right, everyone should be able to view this forum, but only the Finalists (and admins & mods) will be able to post in here.

    So -- to test my far-fetched theory, feel free to try to put a post in this thread and we'll monitor what happens. If everything works as planned, I'll delete this thread before the next round, then Jenna will start a Round 2 thread, then a Round 3 and so on.

    This way, everyone can come here to view the entries as we move along, keeping them out of the main threads in the parent AW Idol forum.

    Okay? Have at 'er!!

    PS -- I was going to delete this thread, but it turned out to be quite entertaining, so I'll leave it alone.
    Last edited by ChunkyC; 04-22-2005 at 01:04 AM.

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