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Thread: Blog Comment Blitz - June 2008 the second

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    crazy spec fic writer L M Ashton's Avatar
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    I'm not even sure I know anymore...

    Blog Comment Blitz - June 2008 the second

    Who: ???? Other than me, I mean...

    What: Leave at least one comment at each other's blogs over a one-week period.

    Where: Online. The URLs list will be at the end of this post.

    When: June 27th (Fri) through July 6th (Sun). We'll start sooner if we have enough people signed up sooner.

    Why: Why not? And to find new readers for our blogs, and to find new blogs for us to read. And because it's fun. And because we all love having comments on our blogs.

    • Sign up by posting a response in this thread. Please indicate the name of your blog and the blog URL in your post. Please make sure your blog is of general enough interest - or that there are at least a couple of recent posts that are of general enough interest - that anyone on AW will find something to comment on. I'm looking for around 15 participants total.
    • Start commenting on June 27th at each of the blogs on the list (excluding your own). Leave at least one comment per blog, on any post you like. Comments that are supportive, constructive, and/or witty are much appreciated. [For anyone participating in an AW blogchain or other blogging event: comments in those other events do not count as Blitz comments. Blitz comments must be created separately.]
    • Finish commenting by or before July 6th.
    • Report back in this list. Come back to this thread and leave a note saying that you've finished.
    By signing up, you are committing to commenting on 14 blogs over a 10-day period (June 27 - July 6th). Please note that this will take both both time and effort. If you aren't sure that you'll be able to do it, please don't ask to be added to the list. Thanks!

    1. Done! L M Ashton at Peregrinas
    2. Done! JJ Cooper at
    3. escritoria at Auria Cortes
    4. Done! rosemerry at Puttin' Words on Paper
    5. Done! colbymarshall1 at Spittin' (out words) Like a Llama
    6. Done! gina at
    7. Done! Forbidden Snowflake at
    8. Done! tinasamuels at
    9. Done! misslissy at
    10. Done! Kitty Pryde at
    11. Done! wordsmith at
    12. Done! plaidearthworm at
    13. Done! wickeddj at
    14. kellyc at
    15. Done! honeycomb at
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