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Thread: Preditors & Editors Lawsuit

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    Preditors & Editors Requiescat In Pace DaveKuzminski's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by matdonna View Post
    Dave, can you possibly provide a summary on the page or a link so people new to the whole PA thing can get a quick idea of who "Vic" is?

    And can someone explain how to 'copy the code' to put a donation button on other sites?
    Okay, just to further clarify matters. P&E is being sued by Barbara Bauer and by Victor E. Cretella, III, Esq. in two separate courts.

    Ms. Bauer is a literary agent who alleges I/P&E called her a scam and a scammer and is suing for libel.

    Mr. Cretella is an attorney for PublishAmerica. He alleges I/P&E harmed his reputation by reporting him to the Maryland State Bar Association and his former employer for his actions against a member of Absolute Write and is suing for libel.

    If anyone needs the code, you can email me and I'll email back the code needed for pasting the button on your site.

    In the meantime, the link for the page with the donation button is Our mirror site at also has the button.
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