We took custody of our grandchildren four years ago.

I immediately put them in counseling. However 1 month after they arrived and two weeks after counselling began, my than 13 year old granddaughter tried to committ suicide by taking 125 asprins. She had 2 attempts prior to her living with us. I took her to the hospital, she was sent to another one with a mental facilty, and then to a children's mental hospital.

She was put on anti depressent and does well when she is on them, and continues conselling.

She is now 17 and getting ready to go away to college when she graduates next year.

However for the past month she has not taken her medication, and she was absolutely horrible this past weekend. Argumentative, non communicative, and she wants to be alone, doesn't want anyone touching her. And to be truthful. I am afraid of her at times. I am also afraid she is going to hurt herself.

What is bothering me, is she does this all the time. Stop taking her meds... and then I end up being the brunt of her anixety and depression. I am sick of it.

I have met with her counsellor numberous times, we have discussed this problem, and I even went so far as to put her pills in a case, one for each day.

I am sick and tired of the whole deal. I don't know what else to do. How can she go away to college and be behaving like this... I worry about her well being.

I want to run away...