I've been working on The Ghost Machine for over two years now.

Here's a brief list of the working process:

Wrote first draft, let sit for three months.

Revised first draft on paper, revisions/rewrites in pen.

Transferred all rewrites to the Word document, further revising as I went.

After completing each chapter, went back and further revised previous chapter.

After second/third computer revisons on previous chapter(s), I printed out that chapter and further revised on paper. Then later, transferred revisions to the Word document and further revised.

Continued this way until just this past week when I finished typing in the changes and further revised the last few chapters, posted the Afterword in SYW Horror forum.

NOW, I've printed out the last 25 pages and am further revising them on paper because they Just Aren't Good Enough. Many portions still need fleshing out and more "flavor." I had subplots to wrap up and loose ends to tie up. Now I'm still reworking it. And reworking it. And reworking it.

I'm trying to make this draft either Perfect or Very Very Good. And it's taking forever.

I'm soooo close to finishing this draft (so I can start over and revise yet again), but it's bogging me down. I'm getting to the point now where everything looks bland and underdeveloped that I'm starting not to care.

Encourage me. Make me finish it, because I'm starting to not want to.