I just posted this over in the Neverending Publish America thread


but thought it needed posting here as well, since many who come here might not know of that thread yet or where to find it.

The thing is, I just got my Writer's Digest Book Club bulletin, and each month they list a few members who've been successfully published. Both last month and this month, and most probably before this, they've listed authors who've had their works printed up by Publish America.

It reads:

Congratulations to These Recently
Published Book Club Members!

Then, after mentioning four writers who had their work published at Authorhouse, Pleasant Word, and a couple Canadian companies, there’s this:

Bill Westhead’s latest book, The Mill, is his fourth historical novel. It is available at
www.publishamerica.com and through online bookstores.

There’s another one just like it, also printed by PA, and, finally…

Keep up the great work and be sure to continue sharing
your writing successes with your fellow club members!

So, just by listing the company, Writer's Digest Book Club is actually promoting PA to all those beginning writers.

The Book Club is a quality outfit, and so I'm hoping they're unaware of PA's reputation and aren't sinking their own by pushing the fact that their members have been published.

And I also hope that a few of the members and moderators here will send Writer's Digest Book Club a letter informing them of how unprofessional and immoral it is to send any author to this company.