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Thread: Ritz Cracker Pecan Pie

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    Ritz Cracker Pecan Pie

    I know it sounds crazy but it's absolutely delicious and considering the calories in a traditional pecan pie, I'm sure this one is less. Plus there's no crust; you pour it into a pie pan and the entire thing has seven ingredients! This pie travels very well, (although it should be kept chilled). It becomes a favorite wherever it goes. :-) Oh, and go with the real whipped cream. Not only is it the perfect unsweetened topping, but once you cover the pie with it, it maintains it's consistancy and doesn't break down or evaporate like the cream in a can does. In a pinch I've also made it with walnuts. Just as good!

    Ritz Cracker Pecan Pie

    3 Egg Whites
    1/2 tsp. Vanilla
    1 Cup White Sugar
    1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
    24 Ritz Crackers; crushed
    3/4 Cup Pecan Pieces
    1/2 pt. Heavy Whipping Cream

    Beat egg whites until frothy. Add sugars, vanilla; mix well. Fold in crushed crackers and pecan pieces. Spread evenly in a 9" greased pie pan. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes (give or take~ will look like a big thick, airy cookie). Let cool. Beat heavy cream to make whipped topping for 3 to 5 minutes until thick and stiff. (It helps to chill beaters and bowl before whipping.) Spread whipped cream over top of pie. Serve immeadiately, or refrigerate.
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