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Re: Beijing Book Show; All Authors Should Participate.
Children's Book Authors Should Pay Particular Attention.
China has MANDATED English for Children.

Is your writing career stagnated or moving forward?
Here are two ideas for you from Strategic Book Marketing and Publishing.

1) Let us take your book or manuscript to Beijing and selling the rights to publish in the Chinese language there. Strategic Book Marketing is a very innovative author marketing company and we would like you to consider marketing or publishing with us. We can take both published and UNPUBLISHED work because everything has to be translated into Chinese. The information about the show is below.

2) If you would like us to consider your work for publishing please visit www.StrategicBookPublishing.com and fill out the query information there. We are a progressive publisher and if we like your pitch there is no cost to publish your work.

Here is the Beijing Show Information.

Join the Largest Explosion in Publishing History. Even if your account is
inactive, we still want to give you the opportunity to participate.
This opportunity is too good to miss.

Deadline is NOW because of shipping and customs.
Please read and make decision and let us know if you wish to participate.

Note from CEO: We are going global with our authors, and now, for the first time, unpublished authors have the same chance as published authors.

THIS MIGHT BE THE MOST EXCITING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY THAT WE WILL SEE IN OUR LIFETIME. As writers, publishers, and participants in the publishing industry we are going to be witness to the largest and fastest ramp-up that the world has ever seen as China has decided that the book and publishing industry is "strategic" and a couple of billion people are going to learn how to read and/or expand their knowledge of English literature. We believe that the opening of the Chinese publishing business will be bigger than the current global publishing business which stands at about $40 Billion worldwide. That's another $40 BILLION.

And the great thing is that nobody has any idea yet what it will look like!
(If you've ever watched Asian television, you know what we mean, smile).

We are in the middle of an industry explosion that will be written about in the history books! We are going to do everything we can for our authors to be right in the thick of it. Our goal for our business with China is for our company to become the largest literary rights trading partner between the US and China. We are committed to attending their book trade shows and building partners there year after year.

The easiest and fastest way for you, as an author, to participate
is to let us sell the rights to publish your book, or unpublished
manuscript at the upcoming Beijing Book Show. The sign-up
form and more information is found below.

Who should go?
Every children's book author should participate as China has mandated English for every child. Every non-fiction book should go. Most fiction should go. Poetry can go, etc. If your book is confrontational or "dark" in any way, then China will not let it in and you should not participate. If you are unsure, just ask us.

Your book does NOT have to be published in order to participate.
Also we can take ebooks.
Why can we take non-published work? Think about it, every book has to be translated and because it has to be translated, it doesn't even have to be edited! gulp! And if the subject matter meets the Chinese needs, they don't care if it has a sales history or not. That means, that for the first time, we can take work in production and present manuscripts that are not published. If your book meets a perceived need by the Chinese, they will buy it whether it is published or not. (The manuscript must be complete though).

How Does Selling "Rights" Work?
Basically, we are selling the "rights" to publish it in the Chinese language, in China or other Asian countries. They pay for the privilege to publish it in China or other Asian countries. This does NOT affect the "rights" to publish in English, or in the US or UK.. etc. As a matter of fact, if we sell the rights to China, then that will only enhance the sales value for the US because they will have validated the quality and marketability of your work.

Let's get started!
We are Experts At Presenting Authors at Trade Shows! Here are pictures from our participation at the NY Book Expo.

Before we get into the Beijing registration, let us show you some pictures from the New York show we just returned from. We had 8 booths at the show. These pictures show what it is like to be and "author in the booth", or have your book at the booth. For a great slide show of our show and our authors at BEA last week in New York please click here. http://picasaweb.google.com/lynneddy...28?feat=email#

Let's discuss Beijing now. Here are two articles that are on the web about the magnitude and scope of the Beijing International Book Fair.

2010 Beijing Book Fair
Beijing, China-August 30-September 3, 2010

With over 1 billion citizens, China is one of the largest markets on Earth. As such, they represent a lot of possible book sales. Whether you’re hoping for book sales, rights sales, translation or distribution opportunities or more, BIBF is the place for you. Additionally, after being out of Beijing in 2008 (because of the Olympics) the show’s return to Beijing should garner even more attendance than usual.

The Beijing International Book Fair is the best venue to break into the Asian Market, and general garners attendance upwards of 200 thousand people, and their love of English Language material will draw attention to your books in the Combined Book Exhibit.

More information on BIBF - Beijing International Book Fair
The Beijing International Book Fair is now considered by many as one of the top four International Book Fairs in the World. It's growth and stature is growing quickly and steadily with many first time U.S. and U.K. publishers in attendance. According the BIBF. The Chinese market is growing at a staggering rate with English language titles at the forefront. It is mandated by the government that all Chinese children learn English at an early age. The STM and academic areas were also very popular as China's economy continues to grow. Sports, sports medicine, and military history were also areas that proved to be in demand.


The information about your participation is below. You do not have to attend as we can take your book or manuscript to the show for you. Our goal is to sell the rights to publish your book in China. We already have sales representatives and deals there. Here is a page from our partner's catalog. http://www.strategicbookgroup.com/St...oup-China1.JPG

We are finalizing our booth purchase now and we are gathering those authors that would like to be with us at the show, either personally, or with their book or manuscript. Due to physical and size constraints, we can only show so many manuscripts in our booth. Also, this show is expensive, so we are asking our authors to help with some of the overhead associated with the show. Many of you may wonder why there is a charge for the author to participate. The short answer is that it is expensive to participate and each Book Expo has figured out how to wring out every dollar they can from the exhibitors. They charge for everything! And unfortunately, they are the only game in town, so they can get away with it.. sigh.

How You Can Participate with us at the Beijing International Book Show

There are three ways to participate. 1) Attend the show and present your work in our booth, or. 2) Send your book or manuscript to the show, or ). Attend and walk the show. (Most authors start with number 2).

First, let us describe how this works so that you can get a feel for which service might be best for you. Book rights buyers, packagers, and deal makers circulate around the show. The first thing they notice is our author in the booth and the author's signage. This may prompt a discussion. Next, they look at the cover sheets and titles we have on physical display. This may prompt a discussion. If we get into a discussion with a buyer, we always say, "what else would you be looking for?" We will be displaying all the manuscripts via a cover page in Chinese and English at this show.

So, to be clear, the authors that get the most chance at success are the authors in the booth, and the authors with their books on display on the shelves get the next most interest. All of our contracted authors are at the show in our laptops and online catalog.


FOR BEIJING WE WILL BE CREATING A CHINESE COVER SHEET FOR YOUR BOOK IN BOTH ENGLISH AND CHINESE. We will be doing everything we can to be perceived as the largest and easiest to work with literary rights agency at the show. The more authors that participate, the bigger we look, and the bigger we look, the more respect we will gather.


What Does It Cost?

Disclaimer: These are preregistration prices and may change the closer we get to the show. This email reflects the new pricing. We have chosen these price-points so that we can determine how many booths we will need at the show. Please help us by responding with your level of interest. Like "Goldilock and the Three Bears", we need a booth space that is just right, not too big, or too little!

Deadlines: Because of shipping times, and customs situations, the shipping container is leaving in mid-July. That is LESS THAN 6 WEEKS AWAY. This is a "first come, first serve" opportunity. Please, do not hesitate. If you want to be in the show. Sign up with the form below.


1. Display Your Book or Manuscript at our booth ($298). We place your Chinese/English Cover sheet outward facing in the booth so that it will grab interest. There is limited physical space in the booth so there are a limited number of spots. WE DO NOT NEED THE PHYSICAL BOOK. China has rules, customs and a number of other hassles about physical books. We will be taking your book electronically and creating a Chinese/English sales sheets. If the cover sheet garners interest, we will have your e-version of the book to show the buyer if needed. Also, we can email them a portion of the book if requested.

2. Your presence at the booth ($998) . We call this "Author-In-Booth". PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CAN, AND WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY. If you want one of these spots you really must reserve it now. We sold out BEA in NY, and in Frankfurt, and there were a number of authors that missed that opportunity. This is a first come, first serve opportunity. You would be in the booth for 1/2 day and meeting, greeting, shaking hands, and handing out books to passers-by. We will have translators in the booth to assist with communications. (The Author-In-Booth and Book-In-Booth are separate products as the Book-In-Booth is for the length of the show and the Author-In-Booth is for only 1/2 day).

3. Walk the Show (Free). Please join us and let us "tour" you around the show. You do have to buy your own attendance ticket. We are happy to provide a place to rest and to discuss what is going on. If you can be there please stop by. We will be in the American Collective Stand and then, depending on the number of authors that sign up, we will have other booths.


1. Display Your Book at the Booth: In our booth we will have numerous bookshelves featuring Chinese/English cover sheets of the books we will be presenting. The idea is to catch the eye of a buyer so we can show them the book and discuss selling the rights to publish in the Chinese language. (Note: the show does NOT sell individual books, the show is for wholesale and large buyers). We can only display a limited number of manuscripts, so if you want your work displayed on one of our Strategic shelves, it's first come, first serve. The price is $298 per title and we will take care of all the details. You will receive copies of the cover sheet and all sales/deals found.

2. Your presence at the Booth ($998) Many of the larger publishers have their authors at the show. If you are the author, standing in the booth, we will have a poster and other supporting marketing materials set up to capture attention. In other words, you get a front and center location to pitch your book to anyone walking by. The Beijing exhibit is for only 4 days. You can choose any 'half day' to be in the booth. Once again, this is first come first serve to our authors. Our authors at the NY show easily gave away 30 or more books in a half-day. It really was a very positive experience. If you wish to be an "Author In Booth", please give us alternative dates and times below.

3. Walk the show with us. These shows are invaluable for authors. They show the magnitude of the industry and there are always things to be learned and deals to be found. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERY AUTHOR TO ATTEND ONE OF THESE SHOWS (NY, London, Frankfurt, Beijing) EVERY YEAR OR TWO. Also, there is no doubt that if you walk the show the odds are good that you will find some way to improve your sales. So, this year we are encouraging as many authors to come to the show as possible. We will have an orientation meeting every morning and we will be available to answer your questions throughout the show.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q) What is the deadline?

A) July 1st. Hard and fast. However, keep in mind that this might sell out. If you even remotely want to do it, please reserve your manuscript spot with at least $100 and if you don't send it, we'll refund your money. Author-In-Booth must be paid in full.

Q) My book is published, how does it work?

A) After you register you will email us a book and a synopsis and as soon as possible we will create a Chinese/English cover sheet to put on the shelf in front of your book. WE DO NOT NEED A PHYSICAL BOOK.

Q) My book is not yet published, how does it work?

A) After you register you will send us an e-version of the book and a short synopsis and we will create a Chinese/English cover sheet to put on the shelf in front of your book. Even if your book does not have illustrations or is not edited, we can take it and try to sell it there.

Q) How will this affect the selling of my book in the US, UK, Australia, or other countries.

A) Only positively. If you close a deal in China, then your book will be perceived as that much more valuable, whether published or unpublished.

Q. Should I attend even if I don't choose the Book-In-Booth or Author-In-Booth package?

A. Sure if possible. You can always go to the Frankfurt show in October, or London next spring, or New York next May. Come walk the show. As an author you should see at least one of these shows every 1-2 years. If you are really committed then you should go every year, take classes, and learn, learn, learn. So yes, please attend and come by the booth. We will have morning meetings on every day to help you know what to do. By walking the show, we know you will find some ways to improve your writing career.

Q. What about Visas into China?

A. Our partner has expertise in getting the proper visa. However you need to register NOW to get into their cue.

Q. If 'walking the show' can we meet with your team while there?

A. Yes, but it is an action packed time for us, so time is very limited. We will be at the booth though, so you can stop by there. We will have a contact for you to bring deals to.

Q) Will I need a badge or pass?

A) If you are an Author In Booth then we probably can get you a pass. Other than that you will need to get your own ticket and arrange your own travel.

Q) How much time should I allocate to see the show?

A) It takes us about 2 days to make the rounds of the entire show, and I know what I am looking for so I'm moving quickly. . If you take classes, or it is your first time, it is easily 2 full days. Try to arrive early (when the show opens), as that is the best time to talk to exhibitors.

Q. Tell me again why I would have to pay for the services above?

A. The services above are not for everyone. But, these shows are truly amazing!. I can still remember the 'wow' factor the first time I went. We will be selling and presenting ALL of our clients at the show. The services above are extra and optional. We have some authors that are already spending thousands marketing their work, hiring PR companies, etc. This is one more outlet for them. If you just like writing and don't really care about the business of books, then don't spend the money.

Q. If I spend the money, will I get a decent return on my investment?

A) Have you heard this line from an old grizzled CEO? "I know half of my advertising is completely wasted, I just don't know which half ?! " We think that sums it up. This is marketing, and there are no promises. However, I can guarantee that some of the authors that participate will get a significant boost from their presence at the show. This link is just a partial list of the authors that are 'in play' from Frankfurt in 2009. http://www.strategicbookmarketing.co...2009-leads.htm

Q) Can I buy more than one service?

A) Yes, you can have your book there, and present there by purchasing both packages. You can also sign up for Frankfurt at this time. You can have multiple manuscripts at the show.

Q) I'm not active with you. Can I still participate?

A) Certainly, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we don't want anyone to miss it. We are marketing authors via our book marketing company www.StrategicBookMarketing.com . That's a great site with some great free ideas by the way.

Q) Are there any discounts?

A) Yes and No... Sadly not for Beijing We are offering a discount if you want to register early for Frankfurt, or register for both shows. See below. If you really want a big presence, like 10 books or more, please let us know and we will try to work something out. Some of our authors with a series of books, meet this criteria.

Q) Will all the Strategic people stay in the same hotel (group rate)? Will I be completely on my own? Is the "poster and other supporting materials" included in the cost of being "in the booth"? Do I still have a few days to make up my mind?

A) We will assist you with the details if you decide to attend. It really is more convenient if you can get a hotel on the bus route if you are going to be there multiple days. Yes, we will have posters and displays for those authors that will be at the booth. Yes, you have a few days to make up your mind, but it is first come, first serve, and there are limits to how many authors we can accommodate. PLEASE NOTE: THIS SHOW FILLS UP EVERY HOTEL ROOM. Book early.

For Beijing we think there is a Radisson Hotel right next to the convention center and it is $170 per night we heard. Frankfurt is nuts. You almost have to book now for Frankfurt. Once we get our final group size we'll try to negotiate the best rate.


We will be there and the size of our presence will be partially dictated by how many of our authors decide to participate. We have to make our final decisions about booth size in the next two-four weeks. Please get back to us immediately if you are interested.

We are happy to answer your questions after you sign-up. But in general, the sign-up is pretty much cut and dried.

If you have questions simply reply to this email and one of our team will assist you. You can either email your agent as per normal, or use the China email below.

Thanks, we hope to see you there!
Tania, Linda, Mark, Kait, Nancie, Andrea, and all the Agents.
[email protected]

--------------------- A Wonderful Testimonial from the BEA Show ---------

These pictures show what it is like to be in the booth, or have your book at the booth. For a great slide show of our show and our authors at BEA last week in New York please click here. http://picasaweb.google.com/lynneddy...28?feat=email#

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...00001039742406

or on Picasa at http://picasaweb.google.com/10617703...poAmerica2010#

(From Book Expo 2010 in May, in NY) Dear Robert & Ladies,

Thank you for such a wonderful expo, the experience unbelievable! I have worked many trade shows but not expos. I understand the necessity of a business presence for promotion, I thought you guys did a great job! Now I've book exposed, I totally 'get' why you "don't just walk up to distribute anything to large anything,"...But, the contacts made invaluable!

I was able to hand out books to Librarians, hopefully good contacts, people viable or not we'll see, who said they'd review, not to mention the advice via, Mark? (Nancie, your husband), awesome!

Thank you Lynn, for promoting my book with book sellers...you rock!! Thank you Nancie for the beautiful posters, bookmarks and flyers...love the color! And thank you Kait, for being patient during the expo emails...ahhh I'm sure!

I would have said "Good bye in person," but you were busy, and I know how weird some people can be, lol....hopefully me not included.

Talk to you soon, Lynn when you do get a chance...things calm down, if we could get Fairy Kick a Berry, Game On, out by Christmas, I think I can double sell...(1 & 2) type thing. (So nice to meet Georgie, I don't speak with her often, but she was lovely).

Now......Big, big, Pinia Colada!! :-) no offense, if you don't drink.


Please note that we will also be exhibiting at the Frankfurt book show. We offer a discount if you wish to sign up for both at this time.

============= BEIJING REGISTRATION ========

"Book-In-Booth": Display Your Book at the Beijing Booth ($298) Per Book/Manuscript

Number of Books/Manuscripts ________ x $298

"Author-In-Booth": Your presence at the Booth in BEIJING ($998) for one-half day. The show is Monday through Thursday with move out on Friday. Please indicate which half-day is best for you.

Monday: ___ Morning ___ Afternoon
Tuesday: ___ Morning ___ Afternoon
Wednesday: ___ Morning ___ Afternoon
Thursday: ___ Morning ___ Afternoon

Number of Day(s) _________ x $998

Total Due BEIJING = $ _________

============= FRANKFURT REGISTRATION ========

FRANKFURT Book Expo Services:

"Book-In-Booth": Display Your Book at the Strategic Booth $299. This is the Discount Price.

Number of Books/Manuscripts ________ x $299

"Author-In-Booth": Your presence at the Strategic Booth in FRANKFURT $499 for one-half day.

(October 6-10): http://www.buchmesse.de/en/fbf/general/opening_hours/

Wed: ___ Morning ___ Afternoon Trade/Business Day
Thur: ___ Morning ___ Afternoon Trade/Business Day
Fri: ___ Morning ___ Afternoon Trade/Business Day
Sat: ___ Morning ___ Afternoon General Public Day
Sun: ___ Morning ___ Afternoon General Public Day

Number of Day(s) _________ x $499 (This is the discount price).

Total Due FRANKFURT = $ _________

============= PAYMENT METHODS ============================

You may either use our secure server, or any of the other payment methods mentioned below. For Wire or Western Union instructions please email us.


Credit Card Secure Server Payment Page:

Please visit: http://www.StrategicBookMarketing.com/payments.html . Use the Variable Quantity option and enter the amount as a quantity. (50 items would come out to be $50). And you do not have to have a paypal account. You can use a normal credit card.


If Mailing payment, please remit payment to:

Strategic Book Marketing

Attn: Beijing Book Fair

PO Box 333

Durham, CT 06422


Paypal: please use [email protected]


Credit Card:

If you wish for us to charge your credit card, please enter your card number and expiration date below and fax it to 1-646-861-4909, our secure fax. Or you may email the credit card information to [email protected]

I hereby authorize Strategic Book Marketing or their credit card processor to charge my credit card a one time fee of $___ USD only.

Signature_________________________________________ __

Card Number: _____________________________________________

Exp. Date:________

Name on card: _____________________________________

Exact Billing Address of Cardholder: __________________________________________________ _

City, State Zip, Country: __________________________________________________

If you need to call us, please do so. Emails are preferred.

For all payment related questions please contact my administrator [email protected]


ps. Thank you again for your participation. Also, during these busy email times please allow us an extra day or two to get back to you. We're swamped (in a good way).

And, whether you participate or not, we hope that by bringing this kind of opportunity to the you, we will continue to make you feel good about your decision to work with our group of companies.