So I now have an agent for my completed novel! She's nifty, a good communicator; been on the scene for a relatively short time, has sold books to the big guys, is part of an established agency with a good record. She wasn't sure on the first read; I offered a revision (there were some weaknesses in the plot when I first sent it, but by the time I heard back from her I'd come somewhat further as a writer and realized where the problems lay) and she said yes, by email, on the day before my birthday. That was one of the best moments of my life. :-)

My question: submission etiquette. I don't have any fiction sales. I have a couple of poetry sales, but I went through a period of depression in which I wasn't sending things out, so the most recent is about a year old.
I'm inclined to send out a blitz of fiction and poetry and try to get it sold now that I'm feeling validated (and my neurochemistry is back in whack) but I have no idea what to do with the "I have an agent, but we just signed a week ago so she hasn't sold my book yet" bit.

How do I say it? ("My novel XXXX is being represented by So-And-So of the Such-And-Such agency as of (date)"?)

DO I say it or just shut up and stick to "i made a shtory. you can haz."?