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Thread: Felix Burns, Sarah

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    Felix Burns, Sarah

    Title: Jackfish, The Vanishing Village
    Author(s): Sarah Felix Burns
    Publication Date: December 15, 2007
    Publisher: Inanna Publications
    Format: print
    ISBN: 978-0-9782233-3-5
    Price: $22.95
    Jackfish, The Vanishing Village tells the story of a woman unravelling from a traumatic past and her yearning for redemption. When her sister dies prematurely, Clemance-Marie Nadeau leaves her family and village behind, boarding a train bound for Sault Ste. Marie, where she falls under the spell of a charming stranger who promises her a life of adventure, and then holds her captive with her guilt and his threats of violence. Years later, when Clemance moves to the United States, she feels like an outsider, but Clemance is also in exile from herself. Discovering she is pregnant at the age of forty-two sets in motion a series of events that awakens a painful memory, long-buried in her embattled body, and so begins the long and sometimes harrowing journey back to her homeland, and to herself.

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    Link to publisher's website:
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    Jackfish, The Vanishing Village is dark, enthralling, and powerful ... Not since, Bastard Out of Carolina will you be so moved by a book of this kind.

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