Writing Your Introductory Post

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Apr 27, 2008
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Intro Posts are a way for our new members to say hello and tell us about themselves while giving our current members a chance to say welcome aboard, glad you've joined us.

Use your first post to tell us a little about yourself. It doesn't have to be a tell-all bio, just something you feel comfortable sharing. It's not the place to engage in self promotion. Instead:

Tell us about yourself.

Consider telling us:

• What genres do you write?
• What do you like to read?
• How long have you been writing?
• Do you beta read?
• Do you have any particular hobbies? Are you expert in any particular field or craft?

It's a good time to ask questions about AW or writing, too.

Please Don't Use Your Intro Post to Promote

Please don't use your intro post to promote yourself, your book, your business or your website.
Members will flag your post as spam, and it creates a lot of annoying work that takes up everyone's time.
You're welcome to put a link to your Website or books in your sig. See: FAQ: Everything You Wanted to Know About Signatures or Sigs.

There's a right way to promote yourself or your books on AW; see FAQ: How do I Promote on AbsoluteWrite with Aplomb?

Please Don’t Put Your E-Mail Address in Your Intro Post

This is for your safety. Posting your e-mail address on an open forum can expose you to all kinds of spam bots.

Please Don’t Put Excerpts of Your Writing in Your Intro Post
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