Writing Blogs: What do you Post?

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Pat Waldron

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Aug 13, 2008
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Hey writing gang! Just a quick question for those of you that have blogs. What kind of content do you post? Do you write articles? Do you repost from other well-known sources? Do you put up samples of your own writing? I've been writing articles lately on my own. I'd love to hear what some other ideas are from other users on this awesome community!

I blog about writing techniques. My books are ten times better than my blog post and I am considering posting one of my books on my blog. Maybe monetize some other way.

Come to think of it my book format would generate a ton of clicks for my blog. I make books where I hyperlink all of the plot points of a classic story. My current one is Aladdin by the Brothers Grimm. For example, you can look at the main plot beat sheet and click on the scene number for the inciting incident, the call to adventure, the low point, the climax and BOOM! you're in the scene. A single visitor to my site could generate hundreds of clicks.