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May 23, 2014
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Orange City
Ok, so below is a typical ad we post when recruiting for writers. However, because the rate is low in my opinion, I would like to explain how I can sleep at night. ;)

First of all, a typical article with us, depending on the writer, takes anywhere from 20-45 minutes on average to write. I actually collect that data from my writers, and I've timed myself doing our work. If it takes longer, it's usually a longer article, and thus the rate per article on average is $15-30 per hour.

On top of that, we are a company of freelancers. So, the low rate is also compensated for by our ability to work around your schedule. Assignments are on a "first come first served" basis, and I do expect writers to stick with the deadlines they set themselves, but if an emergency comes up I try to have enough writers available so that the work can get done. This accomplishes two things:

1. If an emergency arises, you have a team of fellow freelancers that can make sure your personal struggles aren't a burden on your professional commitments
2. You have plenty of availability to take on better paying work, while still having some steady income coming that is available when YOU have nothing else to do but look for other clients

There is also another benefit that I try to instill in my company - the idea of writers helping each other. I encourage a sort of "self-governance" amongst the writers and editors that work with me. I only work with great professionals, and I foster an environment where the folks that are making suggestions and edits are the folks that get the best feedback from our clients (or at least fewest complaints). This means that my writers have a "writing family" they can learn and hone their craft with.

As a company, my priorities are as follows;
1. Ensuring 100% transparency.
Making sure our long-term, corporate clients are happy.
Making sure my writers are happy.

I am also proud to say that per hour, I'm not the highest paid "employee" of my company. I'm not getting rich off of the work my writers do - I put in a lot of hours finding clients, ensuring that existing clients are happy, and doing the thousands of other things that keep my business running. I believe very strongly in investing in people, which is why the writers that work with me stay with me long-term... even when they have better paying clients. They appreciate both the effort I put into building a company that's going to treat the writers that grow with it well for as long as its around; as well as my emphasis on holding myself accountable to the folks that work for me. I'm the Captain of the Ship, but I don't keep it afloat by myself.

So, if you have any questions, please let me know. I don't keep secrets, except of course information that our clients prefer we didn't discuss. Now, for the actual ad:

We are a small writing company with clients all over the country. We mostly write on business and marketing related topics, however that can change from day to day.

We are looking for professional freelance writers looking for regular work that won't interfere with better paying gigs when they come along. Our rates are what they are, but so long as you communicate your availability, you only take on the assignments you want and you have the opportunity to reject any assignments or deadlines that you do not agree with. We are VERY flexible, and we have LOTS of work for qualified writers.

Rates are as follows:

Content writing pays $10 per 500ish words (most of our clients are more concerned about quality than word count).

Superedits are $3 each and require 100 unique words and rewording the content so it passes copyscape (we create the articles that we do this with, this is just for SEO purposes).

Regular or Light Editing $1 - This covers simply rewording existing content to pass copyscape or is paid for grammar checking and formatting a piece of content.

Unspecified bonuses for team-work and exceeding expectations.

There are of course, assignments that pay out higher rates, and those will be made available to my most reliable writers.

To be considered as a writer, you must include the following:

1. Cover Letter which details 5 Article pitches for the PR/Marketing Niche
2. Writing samples (links to published work are fine) which demonstrate your range and ability
3. Resume

All of the above can be emailed to [email protected].
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