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Hi i'm writing a lifestyle book whith lots of illustrations in it.
what kind of font should i use.
Times 12pt, arial or ?



NEVER arial!

at least not for print pubs... for e-publishing, it might be ok...

for all print venues, use ONLY times new roman or courier new [12 pt]... i'm hearing that courier is the preferred font nowadays... i'm so old that times was the only acceptable font to use, when i started out...

as for illustrations, do you mean drawings or photos?...

if illustrations, most publishers prefer to use their own illustrators...

if photos, make sure you have written permission to use any not taken by you...

love and hugs, maia


Re: NEVER arial!

thanks maia and veingloree.
The photoillustrations and drawings are of me or made by me.
I'll go with times 12.




Actually, Courier 12 has been the standard since there was such a thing as fonts. And before there were computer fonts, pica was the standard, which is the same thing as Courier 12. This has been the case for well over 100 years.

Times has never, ever been the standard. Times is widely used because word processors are defaulted to Times, and this is the case because Times is perfect for college essays and scientists, etc.

But Courier 12 has always been the standard for print publications. You won't be rejected for using Times, editors have long since grown tired of trying to get writers to actually look up guidelines and read professional writing websites, so just about all will accept Times. But you make an editor's life much easier if you use Courier 12. Better yet, download and use Dark Courier 12.

Courier 12 allows for easy and accurate word count, it's easier to read, and it's far easier to edit than is Times because the letters are bigger and there's more room between the words and letters for proofreaders marks.


Re: font

Although James is correct, my current and previous publisher have both insisted on Times New Roman 12 pt on the manuscript. Both are editing and reviewing material electronically, and there seems to be a preference for reading onscreen in Times.

Personally, I prefer reading online in Arial. But I suppose it's all editorial preference with an e-mss, where the font and point size can be manipulated right up to the final moment before publication.

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Anything electronic needs to be in Times, simply because of HTML formatting problems with when editing other fonts.

Courier 12 is strictly for print, and strictly for hand editing and hardcopy submissions.
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