What kind of writing guide I should look for?

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May 9, 2005
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Bearing in mind the repeated 'seeking' content of your posts, I think you should read books and/or watch shows and comedians of the type you wish to emulate, and keep a notebook so you can record your own observed life-experiences and be creative with them.


Jan 19, 2014
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Hello everyone,

I will be thankful for your thoughts concerning the following-

I am a willing to create a comedy storytelling show, that is based on a creative, yet authentic, central theme.

I am willing to find a creative and appealing theme for the show, yet a theme that is not inspirational or "heavy"/deep, but something light, entertaining and interesting(with a creative "slant" to it)

For example:
A show about weird things that I experienced while visiting the dog park.

A show about funny thoughts that I had while throwing the trash.

A show about moving to a new country.

As you see, the types of themes that I am willing to find are just interesting to listen to(hopefully, at least they should be), have enough stories to build a show/book around, but aren't about some significant moments in life, or any other "heavy", life changing stuff, as commonly found in classic autobiography/memoir books.

I am looking to be able to find entertaining and creative themes, and looking for methods and ways to be able to find stories and themes that I may not be aware of.

The dog park's weird observations example is something that could easily be ignored while looking for stories and themes in life, as it is not that interesting or important to mention(at first, at least)

That is the reason why I look to find more methodical ways to interview myself, in order to find untapped resources for stories and themes, that may also be appealing to the audience.

I found it very hard to find any info or books that teach finding/generating such themes (and finding stories around the theme) in one's life, so hope that maybe someone can suggest any.

I don't even know where to look exactly-

In memoir writing guides- most of the books that I found deal with writing more serious types of memoir, and I couldn't find any info about finding a creative theme for the memoir book/show(so I am not sure if I should keep searching more memoir writing guides)

Books with prompts to find personal stories, that I found, were usually around identifying "serious" stories(childhood memories,etc), but none that I found teach finding stories about mundane stuff, entertaining stuff etc, and more importantly, even before finding any stories- How to generate a creative theme(with a slant to it) for the book/show.

A book about creating a storytelling show? I read several of these, but they usually don't elaborate on finding a creative and appealing theme/premise/concept for the book(or show), and many of them deal with folk tales while I am willing to use true personal stories and life observations(around the created theme)

I will be very thankful for directing me to any helpful guides, or even to the types of guides that I need to look, with a better chance to find solutions to the above.

Please note that the resources and guides that I strive to find should not only teach how to write the stories/memoir etc, but more importantly, what are ways to find a cool and appealing concept/theme/premise for an entire book/show, that will include those stories around that central theme.

Thank you,

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First, please don't start duplicate threads.

Second, if you want a thread moved, please contact a mod or me.

Third: You don't need a book or guide as much as you need to think about what you want to write, and why.

Fourth: you're talking about writing for "a show"; that's screenwriting not memoirs.

I'm moving this thread to Screenwriting; you might want to check out the book Save the Cat: The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need by Blake Snyder.

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