What is Write 1 Sub 1? - 2021 Update!

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Mar 8, 2008
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So, what exactly is this Write 1 Sub 1 all about and how do I play?

First, a little background: Write 1 Sub 1 was originally the brainchild of Stephen V Ramey, Simon Kewin and Milo James Fowler back at the end of 2010, beginning of 2011. They credit their major inspiration as Ray Bradbury, who diligently wrote and subbed a short story every week for decades. They wanted to imitate Bradbury and thought it would be cool if they could get as many folks as possible to join them. Some peeps hanging out here on AW got enthusiastic about the idea and soon enough the Write 1 | Sub 1 subforum was born.

Those were heady days, the tapping of fingers on keyboards so loud a collective clacking could be heard around the globe. Great writers rose from the mists, scaled the tallest towers, thumped their chests and bellowed at the moon.

Erm, anyway...

Over time, the challenge here on AW has evolved, though the goal is still essentially the same: write a piece of fiction, polish it, and then submit it (to zines and other markets, in case you're wondering; if you want to find some such, check out free market database The Submission Grinder or our very own Paying Markets and Nonpaying Markets rooms). We've broadened the scope so peeps can stretch the challenge framework to suit their available writing time. For example, many have found one story a month more feasible than one story a week, or have even made their goal six stories in six months, meaning a story could be written one month but not submitted until the month following, and so on.

Whatever the personal parameters chosen, the idea behind the challenge remains constant: build up good long-term writing and submitting habits. And yes, submitting is an essential part of the challenge. But don't be scared, think of how awesome that thick skin is going to be ;)

Does this sound like something you'd be in to? Of course it does! So what do you need to do to join in?

First, figure out your framework:

  • Do you want to write and submit one short story weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc, or would you prefer an overall goal like six stories written and subbed within six months?
  • Do you want to sign up for a set period of time or do you want the challenge to be ongoing?
Once you've got all that sorted out, let us know that you're in and what your challenge framework is. You can do that in the current sign-up thread.

And once you've done that, well, you'd best get cracking :D Oh, and come hang out with us other W1S1ers in the W1S1 High Tea Bar and Lounge, as we encourage, congratulate, commiserate, advise, and generally take over the short fiction world *insert maniacal cackling here*

Happy writing (and subbing)
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May 8, 2005
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I'm not there yet, but this is definitely something I aspire to, so thank you for making this exist!
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