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The AbsoluteWrite Library is a special forum for members to post listings of their work(s), and is a great place to discover the varied works of our fellow members.

The AbsoluteWrite Library is indexed by author within genre category. Each AW author has one indexed page per genre category to list all of their works in that category. Authors who write in multiple genres will have an author page in each of those categories. Example: An author who writes Humor and Mystery/Thriller/Suspense will have an author page under Humor for their Humor works, and an author page under Mystery/Thriller/Suspense for their M/T/S works.

Please read these guidelines thoroughly before posting a thread in the Library. And, as always, feel free to contact your Librarian with questions on anything not covered here or on anything that remains unclear.

The Information Desk:

  • All listings must be posted by the author-members of AbsoluteWrite. Your AW Library is the place to discover the work(s) of fellow AWers. That non-AWer book you just couldn’t put down should be discussed in the AW Bookclub forum. Listings for friends who are not AW members are not permitted.
  • The Library is for our authors only to shelve their books, short stories, and magazine articles; no discussions are to be held here. Please respect your fellow authors’ listings. Your Librarian will delete discussion posts.
  • The ability to shelve your work(s) in the Library requires active participation in the community and there is a minimum fifty (50) substantive postcount required to begin your own thread. However, your Librarian does reserve the right to delete listings by members who do not participate appropriately in the community and only use AW facilities to promote their work.
  • If for any reason an author deems it advisable to have work listed anonymously, your Librarian will be happy to list, shelve, and index it for you. Your Librarian would appreciate your taking the time to PM your request in the Author Listing Format shown below and with your preferred shelf designation(s).
  • A work may be shelved in different categories up to a maximum of two selected categories. Select your shelving categories carefully.
  • Should you shelve your work incorrectly, contact your Librarian with a request to move it for you.
  • Anthology listings are permitted provided you the author-member are the author of one of the pieces in the published anthology. Exception Note: Anthology listings are also permitted to publisher-members, but please do list all authors in the anthology. If one of the authors in the anthology is an AW member, it is preferable for them to post the listing with their name listed first followed by the names of the other authors in the anthology.
  • The AW Library respects all copyrighted material and does not tolerate violations.
  • No running between the stacks, please.

The Shelves:

Your AbsoluteWrite Library currently has twenty-two shelving categories. Works are listed and shelved by author within these categories. Please make your category selections carefully. Again, should you make a mistake in shelving your work, please contact your Librarian to move your listing and re-index the listing for you. Should you wish your listing removed altogether, contact your Librarian to remove the listing and correct the indexing. Requesting the removal of your listing is preferable to editing out a listing as your edit leaves the indexing link in place and pointing to an "empty" thread.

Your Author Listing Format:

Below you will find an example of how you should display your information within a post. It might be easiest to copy the template text into your post and replace, edit or delete as appropriate:

Title: Bestselling Book
Author(s): Bigtime Author
Publication Date: January 99, 9999
Publisher: Best House Around
Format: (print, ebook, audiobook, whatever)
ISBN: 123456789
Price: $00.00
Logline or Blurb: Tell us about it
Link: (Amazon, author website, publisher, wherever)
Link to author's website:
Thumbnail of cover


Cover Images:

If you wish to include a cover image, please use files that meet the AbsoluteWrite standard as follows:

400 pixels wide by 400 pixels high, or a thumbnail
JPG format preferred, GIF or PNG okay
72 dpi preferred

Everything you need to know about linking to images is in the ever-so-lovely FAQ: How to Link to Images Properly.

Please do not exceed these image size guidelines; other members may pay for bandwidth or may be on dial-up connections. Don’t make it difficult for them to load your listing. Listings that take too long to load are often abandoned as being not worth the time. Feel free to contact your Librarian or our AW Admin should you need help in resizing your cover image.


In each shelving category, you will find an INDEX thread with a single post. This index contains the names of the authors within that category, listed alphabetically by last name and linked to the author's listing thread. Indexing is maintained by your Librarian.

AbsoluteWrite is a privately owned site and we reserve the right to refuse posting rights to anyone.
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