Welcome to the Submitting and Selling Flash Fiction sub-forum! Please read this before posting.

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Apr 10, 2007
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Welcome to the Submitting and Selling Flash Fiction sub-forum!

This sub-forum is all about the business side of writing flash fiction for publication. This is the place to learn about the submission process, to research and discuss specific markets, to keep up-to-date with which markets are currently accepting stories, and to share, if you wish, your publishing successes and woes with your fellow flash fiction writers.

There is some cross-over between markets that publish flash fiction and those that publish short fiction. The INDEX OF FLASH FICTION MARKETS sticky is a good starting place to find links to markets. In addition, the information contained in Izz's excellent SHORT FICTION MARKETS sticky is valuable for both flash fiction and short fiction writers - please read it.

A request to members:

If you have submitted to a flash fiction market, please consider either starting a thread for it here or posting in an existing thread. Information such as: how long it was before you received a response; what your experiences with the market were like; any changes you hear of, such as a change of editor or a market temporarily closing; would all be helpful for other members. It would not be appropriate to post private discussions or to bash or advertise a market.

These individual market threads will be linked to in the INDEX OF FLASH FICTION MARKETS sticky.

This sub-forum is a work-in-progress! New markets will open up, and others will fold. We will periodically go through the index stickies and try to keep the links up-to-date for you.
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