Welcome to the Flash Fiction forum! Please read this introduction before posting.

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Apr 10, 2007
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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Flash Fiction forum!

This forum is a slight tweaking of the Suddenly Fiction forum. We hope that the small changes we've introduced here will suit the forum regulars, as well as bring in new members. However, all of it is for you -- if any of this doesn't work, we'll look into making it better, so please feel free to contact your Flash Fiction forum moderators, Jed (jvc) and Sophia, with any suggestions or concerns.

The tweaks that we've made are based around a couple of repeated requests that were made on the Suddenly Fiction boards. Namely:

-- Regular challenges;
-- No deadlines on the challenges;

...backed up by a supportive, pleasant, cordial and sometimes huggy atmosphere. :)

So this is what we have tried to do!


The Flash Fiction forum is a place for AW members to discuss, learn about and work on the writing, polishing and submitting of flash fiction for publication.

For the purposes of this forum, "flash fiction" is defined as stories of 1000 words or fewer.

This is a place for members of all levels to feel comfortable and to develop and share their knowledge regarding flash fiction. As with the rest of AW, respect and support are the order of the day.

The Flash Fiction forum is divided into three sections, each of which has its own focus.

This main area is for threads on topics relating to any aspect of writing flash fiction, and for general discussions about flash fiction as a form. It will also be the home of the forum challenges.

If any member would like to create a social thread for the Flash Fiction forum members -- somewhere for on-going encouragement, word wars and general camaraderie -- then this is the place to do it, and you're very welcome to do so.

In the box above this main area, you can find links to the two active sub-forums:

Polished and Ready

Polished and Ready is where you are invited to post completed stories for feedback and peer critique prior to submitting them for publication. This sub-forum is password protected to prevent web-crawlers from making its contents visible on internet searches: the password you will be prompted to enter is flashed.

Flash fiction can fit any genre, but in accordance with AW policy, we ask that erotica be posted in AW's Erotica Share Your Work (SYW) section. The password for SYW is vista. Erotica SYW requires a further password that can ONLY be obtained via a PM request with a statement that you're over 21, to Veinglory, ELMontague, or an administrator (AWAdmin or MacAllister).

There are two short stickies that provide basic information about posting and critiquing in Polished and Ready. Please read them to acquaint yourself with this sub-forum before jumping in.

Submitting and Selling Flash Fiction

Submitting and Selling Flash Fiction is all about the business side of writing flash fiction for publication. This is the place to learn about the submission process, to research and discuss specific markets, to keep up-to-date with which markets are currently accepting stories, and to share, if you wish, your publishing successes and woes with your fellow flash fiction writers. Please see the Submitting and Selling Flash Fiction sticky for more information.

Finally, there is also a link in the box above to the Sudden Fiction Archive, which is a sub-sub-forum within Polished and Ready. It contains some old threads from the Suddenly Fiction forum, everything that was in the Sudden Fiction Challenge sub-forum, and some threads from the Sudden Fiction Discussion sub-forum (now Submitting and Selling Flash Fiction) that weren't related to any specific flash fiction market. No posts from the Suddenly Fiction boards have been (nor will be) deleted.
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