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Editing for authors: because every writer needs a good editor.

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This password-protected sub-forum is for work that has already been polished for feedback prior to publication.

Remember – this is a place for members of all levels to learn and develop. Respect and support are the order of the day.

Posting in the Polished and Ready Forum:

Thread title

Please title the thread with the name and word count of the story.

Example: My story - 986 words

Formatting posts

Not everyone has great eyesight and reading a computer screen for hours each day can be tiring. Make it as easy for the reader as possible. When you copy and paste your work into the message box, it is best to use verdana, size 2.

Also place a blank line between each paragraph. Large blocks of text make it harder to read, so please take the time to do this.

Deleting Stories:

We understand that some members may prefer to remove their work from this forum once it is accepted for publication. Although we would encourage you to leave the work up if at all possible so that others can learn from it, we will remove threads at your request. Please note that all comments and replies will be removed along with the original post.

Story revisions

Please revise your story in the original thread. This is to avoid your story appearing in several versions, and receiving critiques on the wrong one. Just add the revised version below the critiques for the initial one.

Strong language or violence

Please remember that anyone can read this forum, including children. Highlight at the top of the page if your story contains either strong language or violence.
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