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Feb 4, 2010
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We're delighted you want to join us in the international section of the Absolute Write Water Cooler. It's always a pleasure getting to hear from our thriving community around the world. When starting a new thread, please bear in mind the following:

* If you want to reach out to other members who live outside of the US or speak a language aside from English, please take a look at the List of Master Language/Country Threads to see if there's a thread that will cater to your needs.

* If you don't see a thread pertaining to the country/language you're interested in, do go ahead and start one. I'll add it to the list of Master Language Threads as soon as possible so that others will find it easily.

* While we encourage interaction between all members on the boards, and we do recognize that wanting to meet other people from the local writing community is a normal desire for a lot of members, don't forget there's a Meet & Greet section on AW for that. You can always post a link for your M&G thread on the appropriate thread here.

* If you want to post an excerpt in International SYW, consider leaving a link to your newly-created thread in the appropriate Master Language thread in the main section of the International District. This way, native (or close enough) speakers will know where to look so they can help you.

* If you want help in translating particular sentences/idioms/expressions, consider asking for help directly in the Master Language thread. It's often an easier way to tap into the community that speaks the language you're after.

We hope you enjoy your time here in the International District. Don't forget to start at the beginning and have fun!
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