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Urban Farmhouse Press

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Jan 17, 2011
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Author Kelly Dulaney has a Twitter thread stating that she has had problems being paid by Urban Farmhouse Press.

Selected Tweets from the thread (not the entire thread):

Okay. I think it’s time to discuss this publicly.

A thread:

In 2016, @UFarmhousePress, which is run under the direction of publisher @WRiverLockhart, published my novella Ash as a part of their Kilgore Trout Science Fiction Series.

I have never received my full advance. I have never received royalties and I have never received statements of account. I cannot ascertain whether or not my novella is still in print, which determines book rights and duration of contract. I am owed hundreds of dollars.

I have made several attempts to contact D. A. Lockhart and Urban Farmhouse Press to rectify this situation in the past two months via email, Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal. I have only received two responses:

In the first, D. A. Lockhart promised to render payment on December 3rd, 2018 and to send statements of account. My payment never arrived; I have received no statements. The second time, D. A. Lockhart stated an intention to investigate why no payments had been issued.

Hi all—just an update. My publisher has blocked me on Twitter and has written to terminate my contract. I'm grateful to be out of my contract. My hope is that the other authors to whom I've spoken find resolution.


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Feb 12, 2005
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Their site says they charge submission fees "to help pay the bills." Which isn't unusual for literary magazines, but it only makes things worse that they are then not paying their authors.

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