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Jan 2, 2012
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Walking the Underworld
This is a thread for members to ask for readers with different religious and/or philosophical backgrounds.

When posting here please title your posts with what kind of work you need a reader for and what background you'd like.

The following are suggestions only.

For Writers:
1. If you have characters whose religions or philosophies are unfamiliar to you, asking for a reader from those backgrounds can be helpful.

2. Don't assume that one member of a group speaks for all.

3. As always try to make your work as good as you can before asking for readers.

4. It's a good idea to read materials from the religion or philosophy before writing about it. Note: that's from the religion not about it.

5. Don't make strawmen. Be honest about such characters in your writing. Be wary of tropes and stereotypes.

6. Listen to the readers.

For Readers:
1. Be charitable and assume good intentions. Ignorance of other religions and philosophies is endemic. It is not normally incumbent upon people to explain their religions or philosophies to others. However, if you accept the responsibility of reading for others, you should be willing to explain your understanding of your religion or philosophy.

2. However, you don't need to wade through evangelism or abuse. If the work is trying to force an untenable POV, let the writer know it.

3. Make suggestions that reveal the inside of the religion or philosophy. Explain how people of that religion or philosophy might think and approach the events of the story. Say what rings false, but don't try to rewrite the character.


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May 18, 2014
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Looking for Muslim Beta for YA Scifi?

Hey there!

I'm looking for a Sunni Muslim beta for a YA manuscript that's about superheroes. The main character, Seth, is a Muslim living in the US. Although his religion isn't a huge part of the story, I'd really love to make sure that I'm getting it right. : )

It's up to you whether you want to only critique parts involving his religion, or if you want to critique other aspects of the story as well. I'm also looking for betas to critique things like plot and characterization and so on, but if you're busy you don't need to do that.

Here's some more information!


Genre: YA Urban Sci Fi

Wordcount: 73,350

Blurb: Bellem is a city known for only two things: a homicide rate staggering enough to scare away even the most hardened police chief, and the Hero Core. The Hero Core is a group of supers who fight the vicious street gangs and criminals even when the police department can’t. And although Seth doesn’t have powers, he wants to be one of them.

Because joining the Core would allow him to find out what they know about who tried to poison his father. Desperate to keep the suspect from coming back to finish the job, Seth devises a plan. When his plan leads him to a serum that gives him powers like super senses and agility, he finally has the chance he’s been waiting for. Becoming the mysterious Jackal, Seth’s instantly on the streets taking names.

But as Seth gets himself deeper in the inner world of the Hero Core, he finds out that their monopoly on the city is more like a stranglehold. Fighting back is not an option if he wants to find the truth about his father’s attempted killer. Seth can’t keep pretending to be their puppet either—not if it means pretending that their job is just a game of cops and robbers.

Because if you sever the puppet strings, you might just fall.​

I am also down for novel swapping if you would like to do that! PM me if you're interested. : )
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Sep 20, 2011
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Sat Nam! (literally "Truth Name"--a Sikh greeting)

If you've got a Sikh character or setting, I'd be glad to offer assistance, either with research or as a reader, if I'm available. You can reach me by PM.

I also have experience with interfaith settings (I used to organize interfaith services), interfaith marriages (my husband isn't a Sikh), and the Dances of Universal Peace (my husband is currently president of the local chapter).


Siri Kirpal

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