• We’re running on a new server at a new host with a new forum software called XenForo. Some things are different. Some things may not work as expected. I am working on it as fast as I can. Please be patient. Please read this post.
  • I'm going to be working on the forums for a while. Things may be wonky. I may turn the forums off without notice. Consider this a bit of a public beta test as we figure out the new software and make adjustments. But you've been much missed, and we can't wait to see you again!

Things You Need to Know About the New Forum

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On the Server
We’re running on a new server at a new host with a new forum software called XenForo. Some things are different.

Your old posts are all here.

Your PMs are here. PMs in XenForo are called Conversations. They are more like a thread with limited participants than PMs.

Some avatars are missing. A small percentage, less than 5%, did not make the migration. I’m sorry about that.
Rep Comments are not supported by the new forum software. Instead you can “like” posts.

Because of the way the new software handles password protected sub-forums and permissions, most of Share Your Work is no longer password protected.

Indexing by Google and similar services is turned off for SYW.

Non-registered members or banned members can’t see SYW.

You still can’t start a thread in SYW until you have 50 posts. New members with less than 50 posts can read and post critiques, but they can’t start a thread of their own.

Share your Work Erotica has a new password. You’ll have to have specific access granted to participate in SYW Erotica and the NC-17 subforum. You’ll need to contact AW Admin with a statement that you are over 21 for the new password. There really wasn’t any way to carry over the previous permissions.

There are a still some wrinkles to work out. Please be patient while I fix them. Some things can’t be fixed before users are able to use the forum.

I’m working as fast as I can but there’s only one of me and there are many of you. AW is not my job; I have other responsibilities that come first,

Because I’m going to be working on getting the site to work correctly, I’ve temporarily turned off registrations for new members.

Check out these FAQsv(These are works in progress):

FAQ: Cheat Sheet for Members Familiar with the vBulletin version of AW

FAQ: About Your Absolute Write XenForo Profile

Please try to post questions about the forum and the new software in this thread. Please don't post them elsewhere. I will watch this thread.
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