The Phrase "Put your faith in..."

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May 26, 2010
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Several things to note somewhat idly in passing:

1) The King James Bible is written within the ideological assumptions of an entirely different world (some shifts in
the specific meanings of words are noted BUT the simple fact is the KJB was translated, edited and assembled within the operation of an entirely different set of worldviews and ideologies)
2) The KJB seeks to translate yet another set of entirely different worldviews into its (now more-or-less long-gone) world so if we take (for example) the views of whatever Jesus-like figure made Quran-type remarks (in Parable form) in 150 BC, the way these remarks are interpreted in the sources for Mark and Matthew are different (in say 1 AD) than they are in Paul (in say 50AD) Mark and Matthew (in say 75 AD) and different again for Later Gospels and texts all the way to the KJB and the way it is read now.
3) So in effect the ideologically-focused reading always overwhelms the actual language so a phrase like "Whited Sepulchres" would have one set of resonances when imagined as being said to Pharisees at the time when Pharisees were actively doing ritually dangerous work parallel to the work of the Temple in keeping track of grave sites and then become eroded to a simple more-or-less dead and not resonant generic accusation of concealed ritual uncleanliness and so on and so become completely open to ideological re-vamping.
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