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The soi-disant Afanofthetruth said:

O.K. let me get this straight...It's O.K. to make fun of "my friend'' but not anyone else on the PA boards......Hmm that's perfectly hypocritical.

Please, send me a copy of the rulebook.

For the record, I was not speaking of HB, but of some of the others who refuse to see the truth, no matter how plainly it is presented to them.

Actually I was just wondering if you were talking about HB or the rest. Now that I know you weren't talking about HB I detest what you said. Say whatever you want- I won't stand in your way. Just know that this is about PA not the writers. Just my personal opinion.

New screen name, same old bore.

HapiSofi, I don't know what you meant by your soi-distant remark or your other remark directed at me for that matter.



rated and reviewed the Atlanta Nights work of art. I hope that more here do, as it would draw alot of attention to the book.

XThe NavigatorX

Re: It is sickening...

Thanks for that slushkiller link, Hapi. I'd read that a while back, and I'd forgotten where. It's something everyone here should read twice.


Re: HapiSofi

Er. Keep reading. Jim is a disquietingly ingenious man.
Hadn't even started reading the masterpiece itself, but having just read TNH's review at, I can now say, "Oh. I see..."
The especially beloved and completely incoherent Chapter 34 was written by a text generator that had been fed some earlier chapters.
See, now, that was even wickeder than I'd tentatively imagined.


300 by the end of the month!

Did you know Atlanta Nights will be considered for the 2006 Pulitzers? Call it the one that got away PA.

Hapi, I would reconsider the autograph. I think a special copy of AN, autographed at each chapter start by its author put up for auction would benefit the fund greatly!

Jenna, I think the $250 entrance fee for the forums should be waived via grandfather clause for anyone who has been around long enough to remember when Willem used to counter-post.
Should you reject that, would you take a copy of my soon-to-be bestseller from PA as a down payment?

Andrea 0]

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Re: The Neverending PublishAmerica Thread (Publish America)

Well I'm just about off work, and I can see at least five daily newspapers have decided to carry the AP story so far. You'll note they can (and do) pick and choose paragraphs to keep or omit, sometimes vastly altering the slant of the story. They also can change the the title. Maybe tomorrow after I sleep I'll do a roundup.

Kate St Amour

One step closer?

I fired off an email earlier to my "friends" at PA. Since they so boldly deny association with me, I am inquiring as to the status of my novel rights. The way I see it:
1)They can give me back my rights-- sans gag order. I can move on with my life and writing career, saving this novel-in- question for when I get a contract with a real publisher.
2)They can continue with the "publishing" process of my novel and remove their bogus statement about me from their website. While they are busy hacking my book to pieces, I will continue to dog their moves in every legal and media outlet I can find and eventually go on to write for legitimate publishers.

I'll let everyone know what happens...

Kate St Amour

Re: One step closer?

Right now, it is in the final production stages. They are currently (or, should I say allegedly?) working on my cover.


Atlanta Nights

Has anyone else had trouble posting a review there? I sent them one last night, but as of this morning it's still not showing up.

Fout! I knew I should have saved the text of my review. This is always happening to me on Amazon.


Re: Out-of-date post

Keep in mind that the link to the Washington Post article for the Google bombing may disappear fairly soon, so it would be wise to check on it weekly. Then if it changes or disappears, someone can make an announcement here to get the change made in the coding.

Oh, one other thing that occurred to me. It would be great if Atlanta Nights sold well with the worst possible reviews so that we can make a point to writers that they shouldn't get upset just because every review isn't glowing.

James D Macdonald

Re: One step closer?

I've read both Kate's original submitted manuscript and the .pdf of the text that PA produced.

It's true: While they missed some very obvious problems that any editor who read the book (rather than using a spelling-and-grammar check program) would have spotted in a heartbeat, they simultaneously added errors of their own.

Meanwhile: This is your chance to buy and attempt to read <a href="" target="_new">Atlanta Nights</a> by Travis Tea.

Listen to what the critics are saying!

"A note of caution: reading this thing may cause temporary brain damage."
-- Allen Steele

"Maybe once in a lifetime, there comes a book with such extraordinary characters, thrilling plot twists, and uncanny insight, that it comes to embody its time. ATLANTA NIGHTS is a book."
-- Adam-Troy Castro

"After reading ATLANTA NIGHTS, one has to believe that it was snapped up for publication by the very first editor whose desk it crossed. Its quality and literary value are evident from the very beginning."
-- Sean P. Fodera

"You have to read this book to believe it."
--Laura J. Underwood

"Prepare to be amazed! ATLANTA NIGHTS shows readers a level of storytelling you rarely see in traditionally published fiction. It is an experience you'll never forget."
-- Chuck Rothman

"Gripping, squeezing, mashing, bashing, this book will give a man cramps and a woman a prostate. It delivers."
-- Vera Nazarian

"ATLANTA NIGHTS is sure to please the reader who enjoys this sort of thing."
-- Raymond E. Feist

"...this... book... makes... for... wondrous... reading..."
-- Derryl Murphy

"Rich and varied as a feast of fried spring chicken, Coca-cola ham, corn fritters, and black bottom pecan pie, Atlanta Nights drools with style."
-- Catherine Mintz

"Atlanta hasn't seen anything like this since Sherman marched through Georgia. ATLANTA NIGHTS will awe you."
-- Charles Colman Finlay

"A must for aspiring authors!"
-- Anonymous

"ATLANTA NIGHTS makes the legendary EYE OF ARAGON read like Asimov!"
--Nick Pollotta

"A love match between e. e. cummings and James Joyce might yield prose as profound as that found in Atlanta Nights"
--Megan Lindholm

"You won't believe what's between these covers!"
--Steven Harper

"Prepare to be stunned by the world Travis Tea revealed."
-- M. Turville Heitz

"Frankly my dear, you will give a damn...."
--Catherine Mintz

"If this unconventional story fails to sting you awake, you aren't breathing!"
--Sheila Finch

"No one can read this book to the end and remain in the same place."
-- James D. Macdonald

<a href="">
<img src="" border="0" alt="Buy my stuff at Lulu!">

James D Macdonald

Re: Another lawsuit...

<BLOCKQUOTE>And, not surprisingly given all of the above, more than 3,000 authors knocked on our doors aspiring to join you as PublishAmerica authors. Roughly twenty percent of these may end up joining you as PublishAmerica authors!</BLOCKQUOTE>

Jim, I've been thinking about those statistics. As you know, having seen the slushmonster with your very own eyes, getting rid of the worst 80% of the slush still leaves you with vast amounts of tripe, dross, bombast, dreary stodge, and miscellaneous abominations. Why should PA draw the line of division there?

When you're dealing with PublishAmerica you have to remember to do one thing: Take the literal meaning of their words. They're lying to you, but lying in ways they can attempt to defend in court. They didn't say they "reject" anyone. They said "Roughly twenty percent of these may end up joining you as PublishAmerica authors!" What do we really get from this? That 20% sign the contract they offer. Not that they reject anyone. Among the 80% who don't "go on," you have to count the folks who took one look at the contract and said, "I wouldn't sign that on a dare!" and the folks who punched PublishAmerica into Google and came here, or the ones who said to themsleves, "Wait a minute -- how come I've never seen a PublishAmerica book in a bookstore?" and decided not to step into the trap.


Re: Another lawsuit...

Didn't anyone notice that PA is now claiming that they accept 30% of what's submitted? I'm certain that the new number I spotted. Okay, that claim is in their response to the AP story at URL .

In their rebuttal to Paula Span, they've increased the 15-feet of shelf space to 17-feet that would be needed at every book store to handle new books each day.

They're claiming now that a hundred PA books are ordered every day at Barnes and Noble. Get this... into their stores! Makes me think that they're trying to imply that B&N ordered the books rather than special ordered for a customer.

James D Macdonald

Re: Another lawsuit...

Have to reread too much to find out just who made that claim, but pretty sure it was Larry.

I'm interested in that $1,000 advance he claims they paid to some lucky writer. What are the bets? Was it Robert "Bob" Bly, copywriter extraordinary, the guy they thought was Robert Bly, National Book Award winning poet?



Someday, in a perfect world, the initials "AN" will be as recognizable as "GWTW". Atlanta may never recover from this. :evil Oh yeah, I posted a "review", under Hot-lanta!! Lord, this is rich... :evil


Re: I think PA is really starting to feel...

My guess for the $1,000 advance was Jamie Farr. *shrug*

FM St George

Re: Atlanta Nights chapters written by Uncle Jim

"Oh, now PA is lining up live workshops. There's a link on their front page that goes to this: "

to be fair, Dave - that used to be one of PA's biggest fans who has fallen out of sight, probably due to the veil falling from his eyes... I believe he's been banned as well from the private boards.


Re: I think PA is really starting to feel...

Lord, this is rich...
No, but Travis Tea will be.

Bravo to your brain Jim. :evil

Andrea 0]

Matrix, I'm thinking bills for carpal tunnel or repetitive stress injury.



What exactly does it take to be a successful book signer? A big pen and a strong hand?


Re: PAtestimonials

An interview with Jamie Farr and his experience with PA would be interesting. I wonder if any of the reporters made the attempt.

When my first book was published with PA, I spoke with the person assigned to my book on the phone because my book cover was the most gastly thing I had ever seen, the book price made me fall out of my chair, and the layout so bad that I thought I would faint.

I asked him, "Did you even read the book?"
Reply. "No."
"Did you even read the synopsis?"

I know the 'editor' of my second book did read the book as she went throught it. She was wonderful to work with. I wonder if she is still there.
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