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Re: Conversation With PA Author

"_However_, I have bought several books of authors who said interesting things online, or in panels at conventions."

Do I say interesting things?:)


Ed Hurt My Feelings

Well, Ed hurt the one feeling I had left a couple of days ago but I'm back today feeling good.

I know catching that one word not spelled correctly made Ed's day. I'll have to give him that one. You sneaky little detective!

I'm real proud of your hard work in catching that error and now, I have cake on my face for jacking with people about their spelling. Watch out! I'll do it again!

Anybody got a book out that I can buy and read? How about you, Ed?

I'm ready to buy a few books to see just how good my fellow AW writers are professionally.

I promise you I will read it and give your book a fair review. I may even post the review (good or bad) on PA's message board.

Come on fellow writers! You want to make that royalty fee don't you?


James D Macdonald

Re: B & N and PA?

Has anyone else heard this tripe before?

There are two possible sources for this confusion: One is that B&N has an investment in iUniverse (they've been selling it off -- it was once 49% IIRC, it's now down to 22% or so).

The other source is from one of PA's form letters to disgruntled authors:

"Do they
[Barnes & Noble] sell print-on-demand books? You bet. They run their own on-demand presses, and they are now doing the printing of an ever-growing number of PA titles themselves, because they sell so well!"</blockquote>

That gives the impression that B&N prints PA books. (In fact, B&N got out of the on-demand printing business over a year ago.)

James D Macdonald

Re: Ed Hurt My Feelings

Anybody got a book out that I can buy and read?

Sure, P&C. Lots.

I haven't had a novel published in around a year, I'm sorry to say, but I just had a short story this month.

The story is in Murder by Magic edited by Rosemary Edghill, published by Warner, ISBN 0-446-67962-3. MbM is a 352 page trade paperback, and lists for $13.95.

You can find it on the shelf at your local bookstore.

Just for example, there are copies on the shelves at every Borders within twenty-five miles of Frederick, MD:

5533 Urbana Pike
Frederick, MD 21704

20926 Frederick Rd.
Germantown, MD 20874

534 N. Frederick Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

17636 Garland Groh Blvd.
Hagerstown, MD 21742

(Is there any PublishAmerica book that can make that same claim? If so, what's its ISBN?)

In case anyone's wondering about MbM's sales, here are the stats:

B&N sales rank: 11,584
Amazon sales rank: Book is not yet listed

Ingram stocking information:

On hand across all warehouses: 581
On order across all warehouses: 0
On backorder across all warehouses: 0
This week's unadjusted demand: 23
Last week's adjusted demand: 34
Total sales this year: 103
Total sales last year: 0

Publishers Weekly called my story in that anthology "the standout," and I can live with that.

aka eraser

Re: Conversation With PA Author

I'm in ProandCon, that is, unless you're limiting yourself to novels.

What Fish Don't Want You to Know published by Ragged Mountain Press - ISBN 0071417141.

I have no idea if the store nearest you has a copy in stock but if they don't they can get one in a day or two.


What the heck

If you consider ebooks, you might want to try Knight Spirits, ISBN 1-55404-094-9, published by Double Dragon Publishing and available at Fictionwise, E-bookdeals, and other online bookstores.

Ed Williams 3

Well, well, well.....

"ProandCon," glad to see you back. My second book, "Rough As A Cob: More From the Juliette Journals," has been out for about a year and has hit #1 in the "Regional Subjects - South" sales category for Amazon Japan, Amazon Canada, and Amazon Germany. Also got to #10 in the U.S. as well. My first book, "Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me," was stocked nationally by the Books A Million chain.

You can easily find out how to order it on my website,

Re a review on the PA boards, I imagine that would make my sales skyrocket, as y'all all buy each others books over there, don't you?


Re: Ed Hurt My Feelings

Ah, ProandCon. Pretending to be a newcomer, are we? Tsk tsk.

- Victoria

Ed Williams 3

*GASP* Victoria!!!

You don't mean to imply that "ProandCon" has been here before, or has any affiliation with PA, now do you?




I have to admit that there's one question that probably can't be answered that I'm curious about. Just how long would such a review remain on that board once the monitors discover it's for a non-PA book, especially should it be for someone who's outspoken about PA?

James D Macdonald

Re: Question

Wow. Murder by Magic is on the shelves in only four out of the six Borders stores within 25 miles of Cleveland, OH. (Maybe they sold out in the other two stores. Who knows?)

It's like PA keeps saying: there's no guarantee that any particular book will be on any particular bookstore's shelf. It's like I keep saying too: that a legitimate publisher will do everything they can to get their books on the shelves of as many bookstores as they can. The way publishers do that is with distribution and marketing, two things that PA doesn't have.

Is there any PA book on the shelves in four of the six Borders within 25 miles of Cleveland? If so, what's the ISBN?


Re: Question

Is there any PA book on the shelves in four of the six Borders within 25 miles of Cleveland?
---"....more accurately, there any P.A. book on a shelf anywhere?... I'd say we're all so sick and tired of P.A.'s phony promises and play on words, I'd settle to see one of their books in a cheap display at a Mac's convenience store..."

I checked out the book, Looks good! Cover is fantastic. I like the subtle 'grim reaper' in the background.
B&N sales rank: 11,584..? when I checked it it was in the low 10,000's. and it's been out for a month!! Already blowing any P.A. sales or P.O.D. 'publisher' out of the sky... You and the fellow authors must be pleased.......



Re: Ed Hurt My Feelings

Hiya, Pro. I have one book out that's all mine -- it's in its third edition -- and I've had shorter pieces in lots of other books and magazines. My writing is voluntarily read by 40,000 - 60,000 readers per month.

Professionally, what I read is more important than what I write.

And you?


I have one, too

Mine's called Until the Last Dog Dies, out this past June from Cook/RiverOak (ISBN 158919021-1). It's in most, but not all, of the BAMs, Borders, B&Ns, and Bereans across the country. I also have a contract from them for the next one, When Skylarks Fall (pub date June 2005).

My PA novel from 2002 doesn't count as a publishing credit, as right now it's as dead as Julius Caesar.

Thanks for asking!


Re: I have one, too

It is nice to know that a PA book is not a death sentence. Thank you!

James D Macdonald

Re: I have one, too

It is nice to know that a PA book is not a death sentence.

Just there's no need to mention it in your cover letters or bibliographies.

Kate Nepveu

Re: Question

Re: _Murder by Magic_: And hey, I see it's on-shelf at my preferred Borders in the area. I will stop there on the way home and pick it up, since Amazon is being stupid about listing it.



Missing web site?

Anyone know what's happened to the PublishAmerica Yes or No? site?

Does anyone have his email address?


Re: Question

Re: _Murder by Magic_: And hey, I see it's on-shelf at my preferred Borders in the area.
My Barnes & Noble had three copies of it on the shelf. Now they have two. :grin
I will stop there on the way home and pick it up, since Amazon is being stupid about listing it.
Yeah, what's up with that?! :head


Announcement by Ingrams no more stocking POD books

Below is an email posted at the PA site

How can this event be used to show PublishAmerica is posting false statements on their web site.

Begin Post:

Here's something from Dan Poynter I think you should be aware of:


"Print-on-Demand" (POD) book publishing has grown impressively in recent years. Once a technology most often associated with vanity presses or
obscure academic material with limited public appeal, POD has more recently gained growing confidence from mainstream publishers and bookstores.

Previously, the leading wholesale distributor of POD books, the Ingram Book Company (IBC) typically kept one or two copies of each title on hand, permitting rapid fulfillment of orders from retailers.

But according to breaking reports from publishers, IBC will no longer warehouse even one or two copies of most POD books.

The new IBC policy appears to impact even POD books with steady public demand and those that are fully returnable. In other words, in most cases Ingram will no longer warehouse POD books at all, even when several are sold every month and/or the publisher agrees in advance to buy back any unsold

As a result, when booksellers want to order POD books, they will see no stock on hand and will need to backorder. The problem with this scenario is that many retailers are reluctant to backorder, since backorders traditionally take weeks or months to fill. While some argue that Ingram's POD printer, LightningSource, Inc. (LSI) has proven its ability to deliver
backordered books in days, many booksellers still require at least a bare minimum of stock before they report ready availability to consumers.

Leading online booksellers are already starting to list longer shipping times for some POD books, up to 10 days or more in some cases. Some dotcom retailers, such as may not show some POD books available
at all, when Ingram has literally zero copies on hand.

As a result, pundits quip that LSI's slogan "The Power of One" may need to change to "The Power of None."

For POD books with moderate public demand (even as few as 5-10 orders per month) the abrupt IBC policy change almost certainly means fewer sales.

In theory, the idea of printing books only after they are ordered by consumers remains an exciting concept; however, in real life it is slower and less efficient to print books that sell steadily, month after month, one at a time.

Moreover, publishers who offer books on a returnable basis (normally required for stocking by major bookstores) agree in advance to buy back unsold inventory, and question why IBC will not maintain dependable inventories, when the publisher assumes all the risk.

Some publishing industry observers speculate that the policy change by Ingram comes in response to a flood of marginal POD books from vanity presses in recent years; many of these releases sell few (if any) copies after publication. Tens of thousands of vanity press titles, multiplied even by one or two copies each, could be responsible for a huge accumulation
of books with dismal sales records in IBC warehouses.

However, the new IBC policy fails to make distinctions between POD books with proven public appeal and those that are returnable, versus the glut of non-returnable vanity press material that may be clogging Ingram warehouses.

It also seems unlikely to clear out any accumulation of marginal books, since most of them are non-returnable. Meanwhile it may hurt better POD books that are returnable and/or sell regularly, leaving their authors and publishers to scramble for better distribution options on short notice.

Ingram is trying to educate the stores according to David Prentice at LSI.

Some observers find this development an example of "punishing the innocent" while "protecting the guilty," and likely to reduce the revenues of Ingram itself, along with its better POD publishers.



Re: Re:Announcement by Ingrams no more stocking POD books

Holy crap!... tell me that's not another nail in P.A.'s coffin. Now they're pretty restricted to online sales. Which I've found out sucks large!!

Cruising around the P.A. site and looking for responses to :jaw this new information proved to be enthralling...
quote.."........... I am not concerned, someone else will pick up the ball, there are too many books being published this way......"----...that's optimistic....

A couple other posts revealed the hardship has already started to hit the hearts of these pro-P.A. advocates. Both decided to market their books in local stores. Both decided to speak with the manager of the business. They were greeted with 'nice book' too bad I can't order it. :head The one manager simply stated that he receives his books from Ingram and that if it isn't stocked there, then he can't order it, not even direct from the publisher. The author offered to purchase the books for the store to sell, but the manager said that his hands were tied. The 'upper' management would not allow such a deal. :smack

You would think that these people would finally see that real publishers don't have this much trouble....however, some still seem to think that dragging their feet through the mud will eventually lead to positive results.
I wonder what the rest of the POD world thinks of this development. Hmmmm....perhaps the next thing you'll see, will be POD publishers with their own stores...
(Ironic,... isn't it?):wha

Oh... and if anybody's interested..(I'm not sure if this has been previously posted) While on a site,...there's a way to track sales of a book for Ingram. Dial (615) 213-6803,(automated) and enter the books ISBN number. It'll present you with a sales list.


Re: *GASP* Victoria!!!

Actually, isn't that pretty good news for PA? I mean, their authors will probably get nervous about losing readers and might order a couple of dozen books or more each, just so that they will always have books on hand for stores and potential customers or signings.


Re: *GASP* Victoria!!!

I suppose that's one way of looking at it....
....or the authors could look at P.A. and say "hey,...what have you done for me lately"

They're already starting to ask questions,... most of which have not been replied to on their board. Probably because P.A. doesn't have any answers at present moment.......
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