The Barn

jaus tail

Aug 10, 2013
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The Barn

The time was something BC,
when the hen wore a veiled gown
and the rooster got a golden crown

He lay on the hay all day,
his wife had to bow and say:

'O, beloved husband, stronger than all
I have to make lunch and need your call.
So bless me with your wisdom.
Dear hubby, what must I cook?'

The man yawned and sighed,
his exercise done for the day.

With a wave of wing he said:
‘Dumb lady, get on with it.
Use some mind of your own,
and make what comes in there.’

She went to her kitchen and cried.
Life was full of dismay,
no freedom for the hens,
only boredom and work and kids.

Each week the hens laid some eggs,
while their hubbies lay on the hay.

From days to weeks and months
that grew to years and ages.
They came and went as usual.

A wind of revolution came
blowing the gowns away.

Sunlight and farms,
warm and golden.
Rivers and rains,
Wild and cold.

The hens saw the world,
excited to travel and explore.

She now wears a cute li’l skirt,
while the hubby has a leather boot.
She also goes out to work,
and drive and use the net.
A mobile to call and text,
the friends 'round the world.

But some stuff refuse to leave.
A few weeks each year,
the hen still lays an egg,
while her hubby lies on hay.
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