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Tales of the Dark Fae - $25 flat rate - Deadline 12/31/2021

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May 15, 2020
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Open Submission Window: October 15, 2021 through December 31, 2021
Pay: We will pay a flat $25 per story via PayPal. Payment will be made in March 2022. Authors will also receive one print copy of the anthology.
Theme: Colors in Darkness is seeking short stories from people of color, that embody the dark magic, creepy wonder and beautiful horror of the fairy world! Lend us your tales of urban goblins, beautiful but deadly sprites or unruly but cute magical creatures. I’m talking evil mushrooms that have appetites for bad children, a were-toad stepmother whose disguise can be seen by everyone except her husband or a faun prince who uses his charms to ruin lives, we want to see your most diverse and dark tales from the fairy/fae world!
Submission Guidelines: For the third Colors in Darkness anthology, we are seeking, thirteen well-written, diverse tales of horror, paranormal and dark fantasy. This anthology will be published in May 2022, as a part of CID’s celebration of Black Fae Day however, stories from all cultures will be considered!
No stories that contain rape, bestiality or the abuse of minors will be read. Violence and sex are acceptable but should be important to the plot.
Submit your work to:
( [email protected] ) with ‘CID Dark Fae: Story Title_Your Last Name’ in the subject line. Attach your story as a DOC or DOCX file. Submissions sent in the body of the email will not be read.
Stories should be in New Times Roman font with 1.5 spacing and First Line Indentation for new paragraphs.
Include a brief cover letter in the body of your email stating your name, pen name (if using one), story title with word count, a brief summary, address, website or blog, and any professional publication credits you think might interest us.
Stories should fall within the following word count range 2,500-7,500 words. Please query if you wish to submit outside of these guidelines.
No simultaneous submissions, please. We ask that you don’t submit a story to us and to another market at the same time.
One submission per person, send your best one.
Their website/GLs:

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