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Strident Publishing

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I have not, and hadn't heard of them before.

The site is customer-focused, which is a good sign. David Almond picked one of their books recently in a list of top translated titles for kids, which is also good. (Though Strident's website misspells the name of his best-known novel.)

Covers aren't great and there's a certain sense of laxity about their web presence - the website is poorly proofed and not well designed or maintained, and the Twitter account has two tweets (one from 2011 and one from January.)

The company seems to be run by Keith Charters, an author formerly published by Neil Wilson Publishing (another Scottish small press.) I'm not sure whether he has any publishing experience apart from as an author.

What it looks like, then, is a very, very small press - possibly even a one-man band - but not one festooned with red flags. I would say if you have a book to sell I wouldn't put it at the top of the list, by any means, but it does seem legit.

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