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Spring Song Press

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Jul 17, 2015
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These guys showed up on a submissions call-tracking site I use. Link: http://www.springsongpress.com/

Run by an indie author, so no apparent commercial publishing experience. Always a minus. Plus side: they've got their niche down pat--the owner also runs http://www.noblebright.org/ and SSP generally puts out calls for same. Basically "noblebright" is the antithesis of "grimdark."

Their only book out at the moment is a "boxed set" that looks like a group of indie authors put their books together. The sales rank on that book is a lot better than I've seen from some startups--in the low 100,000s--though from what little I know of that broad range of non-dismal, non-awesome numbers, it's still not great. They've got submissions open right now for an anthology of noblebright beast tales, and one opening in November for noblebright/grimbright/nobledark stories with the theme of "shards." Currently closed to novel submissions, but for all my time on these forums I'm not sure if I should take that as a good sign or not.

I don't know how hopeful I should be, but I really want this press to succeed. I would love more stories like this out there and a reliable source to get them from. Not what I normally write per se, but I'd enjoy pushing myself to put out something they would enjoy too.

Any experience with them? Any thoughts? Any apprehensions?
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