Should I tell my story?

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This last year has been hell because I had the WORST job of my life. I am legally blind and I got a job through a non-profit that places disabled people in contract jobs at major corporations. I got a job at a pharmaceutical company. From day one I knew my manager did not want me there because he gave me little or no work to do for several months. I told this to my employer (the non-profit) in my required weekly reports, but nothing changed. Instead I was verbally abused by the president of the non-profit both orally and in writing. I was told I was "misinterpreting everything" and that I needed to "seek help" because of my "negative thinking." I was also screamed at over the phone. Once her abuse was so bad I hung up on her. She never gave credence to what I said or validated how I felt.

Anyway things got worse and after the job ended - my contract was for a year- she tried to deny me unemployment insurance by claiming "misconduct.". (I got my benefirs.)

It is all over now and I have moved 3000 miles away but I am still angry and upset about the way I was treated. I have written about my experiences in emails to the non-profit but now I am wondering if I should write a short book about my experiences. I am hoping this will dissipate some of the angry and resentment I still feel toward this woman. I want to move on my life, but I can't let go of it.

Would writing my story so that others will know what I went through help me? I don't want the book to be just one long bitchfest.

My question is will any one want to read this? Needless to say I gave a overview of everything. The story would also involve moving to a new state and having to live in a small town with little public transportation so that I had to take taxis everywhere, even to the supermarket.

And then I think that my story would best be told by a screenplay, a dark comedy about my year in this new state, the Fortune 500 company and the non-profit. I think it is funny that I had to spend $50 a day in taxi fare to get to a job where I had little or nothing to do because my manager "never wanted to hire" me as he gleefully told me on my last day.

Any suggestions on which approach is best? Thanks.


If you believe you have a good story that others can relate to, or if it's entertaining or educational or simply worthwhile, why not?

If nothing else, it would be cathartic to write it.


Write it.

As a friend to a visually impaired person, I can tell you that most people have no idea of the problems you face every day.

Don't worry about it being "one long bitchfest." You can always rewrite it later. Get it out first...



If those that have bad experiences don't convey them, what's the point in the tribulation? If you help just one person with a similar disablity to overcome a similar experience, I think it's worth telling your story.

Share your frustrations. Let others know they aren't alone. And, don't forget, we go thru the bad times so we can enjoy the good times fully.

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