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Seven Sisters Publishing

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Oct 7, 2016
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During PitMad, I received a like from Seven Sisters Publishing. Is anyone familiar with them?

Website: https://www.7sisterspublishing.com

I couldn't find anything about them here, so I thought I'd make a thread. Their website seems geared toward writers instead of readers, but it looks like their books have gotten good reviews. There seems to be some overlap between their staff and their writers, with two writers also on the team. It looks like they've been around since 2016.


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Nov 27, 2017
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I know nothing about them, though I thought I used a fine-tooth-comb to find all small presses last year. It surprises me that they've been around for four years--because of the above, but also because I only see four authors on their 'authors' tab, and two are associated with the organization itself (as you mentioned).

I scanned through their pitmad likes. It looks like they hearted about 30 pitches. It might be interesting to see what the patterns are in those pitches -- beyond diversity, or within the topic -- if that makes sense. One of their authors (one who is also associated with the publisher) was participating in pitmad as well, so presumably she is looking for options outside of Seven Sisters.

In your situation I might hold off, and see what comes of them over the next year. On the other hand sometimes when you query these small presses you get some actionable feedback, and a query is not a commitment. It's simply a conversation. Some of those pan out nicely.
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