Seeking Content Writer for Mobile Game - $250 for completed assignment

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Jun 19, 2005
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Black Chicken Studios is looking for writers for a game set in an alternate version of World War 2; familiarity with the time period is essential. The majority of action will take place between characters on a naval vessel, and those characters hail from any of the major nations involved in World War 2. The central relationship in the game will be between the player (the Captain) and a mystical manifestation of their battleship (the Belle).
We are requesting a custom writing sample from interested writers. First, review the linked document, a "Foundation story" establishing the relationship between the Captain and Lexington, a Belle:

Next, write a short story, three conversations long, set after the end of the original. The story can be funny, romantic, mysterious, tragic; during shore leave, on a mission - however you choose to spin it, your mini-story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

These stories should be between 15 and 25 lines in length - roughly what we aim for in our own output - and each contain one dialogue choice of three possible responses for the captain. Though the ship will react differently to each one, they will all lead to the same place in the conversation. The “Lexington Foundation” example is a solid model of what we want.

Have fun with it!

The actual assignment we are requesting from our writer will involve the creation of 3 full- length stories for the game, each expanding on the relationship of a Belle with her Captain. One will be a Foundation story, one a Friendship story, and one a Romance story. Each story will consist of 25 Scenes, and each scene will consist of 10-15 lines of dialogue. The fee for the successful completion of this full assignment is $250.

Please submit writing samples directly to [email protected], but feel free to ask questions for clarity in this thread.



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Jul 20, 2013
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Good to see ya'll still going at it. I did some editorial work for ya'll a few years ago. On the actual assignment, are those 3 full stories going to be all for one Belle, or spread across different ones?

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